What I Won't Be Doing in 2017

The end of December and the beginning of January always find me looking back over our the past year and looking forward to the new year.

As a new take on resolutions I was asked; what I won't be doing in 2017

If you know me at all you know I am awful at making resolutions; in fact over the past few years I've given up on making them at all.  I don't believe I need to wait for a certain date to make changes in my life and often set new goals for myself throughout the year as I see a need for them.

That said I love the idea of making some resolutions for things I won't be doing next year.

I'd love to say that I won't be worrying... but I know that while I can try to manage my worries I can't get rid of them completely.

What I'd like most to not be doing in 2017 is to not be comparing myself, my kids and our family to anyone else's!

I think we all struggle with the comparison game but I find with homeschooling it's even harder.

I compare my kids and what we do to every other homeschooling family I meet, all the local public school kids, and pretty much everyone.  I try not to, but it just sort of sneaks in there.

I won't keep putting myself and my needs last!

I never have time to exercise, craft, scrapbook, etc. and I am tired of always putting myself and my needs last.  I need to be just a bit more selfish and start putting myself first (even if it's just once a month!).

I won't stress myself out over having a perfectly clean house anytime someone is coming over.

Our house is most always clean(ish) and picked up but when we make plans to have people over I go crazy cleaning everything.  I will not be doing that anymore.. or hardly ever anymore...  OK so I'll TRY not to do that anymore.

How about you?  What won't you be doing in 2017.

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