Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week of Our Last Engineering Class

We had another good week filled with Christmas crafts and movies.  We went on a field trip to the children's museum and the younger boys attended their last engineering class.  Evan has been looking forward to this last class for weeks because he knew they were working together to make a large, rolled newspaper geodome!  They had a great time and we got to see our friends too.

Friday:  The boys all took their spelling tests and did really well, they also filled in two more pages in their Multiplication Games book.  All three boys worked on two more pages in their math books; Ian finished up the last book in his Key to Percents series.  Evan read half of Hero Factory and all of Ninja Turtle Pizza Party to me.  He did amazing!  Alec finished up The Golden Compass and Odin's Ravens.  Ian read a bit more in The Ninth Nugget. We read Let It Begin Here! Lexington & Concord First Battles of the American Revolution.  Then they wrote their letters to Santa and we read two more chapters in Holly Claus.  We finished up our day with a fun holiday craft; the boys made some loom band filled Christmas ball gifts for their cousins (you can read more about that here).  Then while the loom bands were out Alec and Evan followed a Youtube video to each make a bracelet together.  It was so nice to see them working side by side helping one another on a craft.

Saturday:  I went to visit my grandmother so the boys spent most of the day with their dad.  I know they accompanied him to the woodworking shop and I know they went out to lunch but other than that I'm not sure what they did.  After visiting with my grandmother for a few hours I enjoyed an afternoon of shopping-- ALONE!  I love my boys but they were just as excited to spend a day without me as I was to spend a day without them.  We did watch a movie together Saturday night and my husband taught Alec to play Cribbage.  My husband also played a game with Ian and they played Ping- Pong too.

Sunday the boys refilled out wood racks in the basement so we can keep the wood stove going.  They also played video games and went outside.  It was a nice quiet day at home together.

Monday we had a few appointments.  Alec had a check up with his orthodontist and we scheduled the date to put the bottom braces on.  Evan had another doctor's appointment for his stomach aches; you know they're bad when he tells me he'd willingly give up his Xbox and not get and Xbox One for Christmas if he could make them go away.  The boys did still get some schooling in and each managed to work on two more pages in their math books.  The older two boys started the next week in their spelling books but Evan gets to skip this week since he got all of the words right when I quizzed him before starting!  Evan did work on two more pages in his word family book and the older two boys worked in their English books.  We read two more chapters in Holly Claus and read the 12 Days of Christmas in New England.  We watched A Christmas Story and made candy cones (you can read about how we made them here).  We read Paul Revere's Ride and since we had a dusting of snow Ian played outside for a bit.

The kids had karate on Tuesday.  Before we left for class they all worked in their cursive books.  The older boys worked in their spelling books while Evan worked on another two pages in his word family book.  Evan and Ian worked on two pages in their math books but Alec was stuck and getting quite frustrated with his book so he took a break from it and worked on Khan Academy for 15-20 minutes.  Evan read If You Give a Moose a Muffin.  Alec read Thor's Serpents.  Ian read The Ninth Nugget.  Together we read When Mr. Jefferson Came to Philadelphia; What I learned of Freedom, 1776.  We read Christmas in the County,  made strand of light drawings using chalk (we'll have a tutorial up soon), and watched Christmas with the Cranks.

Wednesday we headed to the Providence Children's Museum for the boys' last engineering class.  They did a bit of school work before going.  The older boys worked in their spelling books while Evan worked in his word family book.  All three boys did some math with both Ian and Evan completing two more pages in their math books while Alec worked on Khan Academy for another 30 minutes.  They all did a bit of reading on their own and together we read Shooting at the Stars together learning about the Christmas truce of World War I.  Once at the museum the boys worked with their classmates to create a large geo- dome.  The boys also made large pendulums and got to try out some pendulum painting.

Pendulum painting doesn't work real well with watercolors... 

Thursday we started our day with some holiday pancakes.  Once breakfast was over we read Silver Packages and The Journey of the One and Only Declaration of Independence.  Ian and Evan worked on two more pages in their math books while Alec played Khan Academy for 30 minutes.  Ian finished reading The Ninth Nugget and started reading The Orange Outlaw.  Alec read a few more chapters in Thor's Serpent while Evan finished up his Hero Factory book.  All three boys completed a fun Christmas Lego Minifig Writing Prompt.  Evan finished up his word family activity week and the older two boys finished up their spelling unit for their test on Friday.  Ian learned a bit about planes and flight by reading a bit of High in the Sky while Evan read some of his new Ranger Rick magazine with me.  Alec read his National Geographic Kids magazine.   The boys finished up their afternoon painting ceramic village houses and making more loom band creations.

How was your week?


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