My Favorite Christmas Memory

It was so hard to think up just one favorite Christmas Memory!

I had many wonderful childhood memories of the holidays.  I also fondly remember the first Christmas my husband and I were in our new home and working on making our own holiday memories.

Then there were the years each of our boys had their first Christmases... those were so sweet!

But if I'm being truly honest my favorite Christmas memory is from last year.  It was the first time in YEARS that I had decided not to host any holiday get togethers or parties.  I was finding that the constant hosting was draining my holiday spirit.

 After many, many years, I found hosting to be more work than joy and I knew I had to change something.  So I warned all the family members ahead of time that things were going to be different.

We spent Christmas Eve at my mother's house with all the family and a couple of hours on Christmas morning with my in- laws then we came home and enjoyed a nice relaxing day at home.

My boys, my husband and I spent a quiet day at home-- the WHOLE day!

That has never happened.  The boys got to play with their toys.  It was a supremely mild winter and they spent a good portion of the day outside riding four wheelers and playing in the woods.

I took a nap... A NAP!  I napped right on the couch in front of our Christmas tree bundled up with a few soft snuggly blankets and when I woke I got to read a bit of my book and watch the boys play.

It may sound a bit weird that my favorite memory was spend mostly alone; I know that is not what the holidays are about.  We typically tend to see everyone in our family during that week of Christmas so it's not like we didn't have fun at various parties and functions but if you know me or read my blog on any sort of regular basis you know I am most comfortable at home and with just a very small gathering of people around.

After years of holiday madness that time with just the family was so nice.  I had time to slow way down and cherish all those little moments that made up our day.

What is your favorite Christmas memory?

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