Lego Minifigure Christmas stories

My boys HATE to write.  They just hate it.

When they see writing assignments on the table the moan and groan and put them off until they just can't put them off anymore.

I was hopeful that when I found these Christmas Themed Lego Prompts my boys would be inspired to write.

While I can not say that they were cheering or happy to write I will say that they were willing to write.  That in and of itself is a small Christmas miracle.  Their stories were sweet and cute and I thought I'd share them with you today.

While my boys did fill up the entire page while writing, once I started typing them up I realized that they're super short but I figured baby steps... baby steps.  At least I got them to write and laugh!

Story #1:  Prompt:  You can be a minifig in any Lego creation you wish.  Which one do you choose and why?

  • I would be a penguin minifig.  I would want to be part of the Avenjet Space Mission Set.  Then I could go into space and fly a spaceship. 
I guess you have to be a penguin to fly!

Story #2:  Prompt: You are  a Lego minifig Christmas ornament hanging on the tree.  It's the night before Christmas.  What do you see?

  • I see cookies and milk being eaten by a man with a red suit and black boots.  Then the man leaves boxes of colorful paper?  I close my eyes, I see my Lego lovers (I'm pretty sure they I'm the reason they love Legos) running down the stairs and ripping the paper to shreds!  I see toys in the paper!
I just love that he actually thought to write that sentence inside parenthesis! 

Story #3:  Prompt: Describe what a Lego Christmas cookie looks and tastes like.  
  • A Lego Christmas cookie looks like a brown tire with a hole in the middle.  It sort of tastes like peanut butter and pine sap. I hate them myself, but other Lego minifigs love them.  Like my grandma.  
Not bad, right?

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