Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week We Spent Everyday Outside

It was another busy week!  The weather was pretty nice and we spent lots of time outside though so I can't complain.  We spent time at an art museum, lots of time along the shoreline and a few hours with my grandmother at her nursing home.  It was such sunny, warm weather this week that we even took my grandmother outside and spent time in the garden with her.  We were all so happy to spend so much time in the sun and fresh air.

Physical Education:  We went hiking one more time at Purgatory Chasm last Friday and I thought it fitting that we ended our week last week the same way we began it!  We went to the shoreline one day playing on the rocks, walking out on the jetties, and frolicking with friends.

The younger two boys went to karate this week.  Ian had an eye exam and the boys and I learned a lot about how the eye works.  Ian and I worked out in the basement and we all went on a walk along the river trail.

I took the boys out walking along a trail that goes by a small airport and we had fun watching the planes and helicopters as we walked.

We went to a new park this week and spent lots of time climbing on the rocks and walking around.

Then finished our day at a playground and with some yummy ice cream!

Life skills:  The boys helped me clean off the patio and put away all the spring/ summer supplies that had been outside.  With a few nights cold enough for frost we knew it was time to start gearing up for winter.  Ian spent a couple of days helping my husband put together some metal door frames at the shop and took a turn at grinding the welds.  It was his first time using this particular tool and he was so proud of himself.  All three boys helped make apple pies from scratch one night; we try to do this every fall and make enough pies to last us through the holidays too.

Reading:  Alec, Evan and I went to Barnes and Noble over the weekend.  While there Evan read Pete the Cat Five Little Pumpkins and Alec read a Lego Character Encyclopedia about Nexo Nights.

Evan and Alec each ended up buying a book or two and read them on the way home.  Alec read Welcome to Wonderland Home Sweet Hotel.  Evan started reading Dragonbreath and Ian started reading one of the Boxcar Children books. We started reading Demigods and Magicians together while waiting for our next 39 Clues book to come in and we just LOVE it!

Art:  We went to an art museum on Monday to tour their fairy village display.  You can read about our trip here.

We spent a few hours walking and the boys practiced taking pictures.  I'm trying to teach them a bit about photography and composition.

Spelling/ Language arts:  All three boys worked on the next set of lessons in their spelling workbooks.  Alec and Ian completed a page in their English books learning about pronouns.  Evan completed a few more lessons in his book working with phonics and word families. All three boys worked in their cursive books.

Math:  Ian worked on another few pages in his Key to books while Evan and Alec both started new books.  Alec is working on learning some basic geometry while Evan is continuing to work with third grade concepts like multiplication and division.  Alec and my husband played a game of chess one night and came to a draw. The older two boys worked on another set of pages in Are You a Math Genius?

Science:  Evan read About Parrots and worked on his science fair project.  He has one page of facts typed up.  Ian finally got his first solar power vehicle working this week.  Alec read Ocean Animals from Head to Tail while waiting for some more books on Ocelots to come in from the library.

We found a welk case while at the beach and talked about what it was and where it came from.

 Alec and Evan picked some berries and flowers at my grandmother's nursing home and brought them home for some self- guided experiments.  They tried mashing them up and mixing them with water to make their own dyes.

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  1. Enjoyed you photos and your record of all that you did. Wonderful!

  2. What a lovely week. There's not much better than enjoying the days out of doors. :) We've been doing much of the same.

    1. I so agree! I love when we can spend so much time outside.

  3. Awesome! You guys do such wonderful field trips and I love all of the ocean views. I love it when waves crash over rocks. My favorite kind of shoreline.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. I was just saying to my boys (that day sitting on the rocks) that while I LOVED our vacation to Myrtle beach next time I needed to find a room right on the water so I could hear the sound of the waves all night while I slept. I love the ocean sounds and it was mesmerizing to watch the waves crashing up against the rock with the spray flying into the air.

  4. What a wonderful week! I need to make a plan to get out more.

    1. I keep thinking we need to plan to get out just a bit less... but those sunny skies, cool breezes and fall colors just keep calling out to me! :)

  5. being outside is such a blessing! Enjoy those kids! mine spent a lot of time outside, too!

    1. Thanks! We went for another walk/hike today. I just can't get enough of the nice weather we've been having and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the fall colors.


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