Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week we Struggled

My husband has been away for work during these past three weeks and we only see him on weekends; which means I'm struggling to sleep and struggling to keep my patience.  It's not easy being the only parent around to deal with EVERYTHING.

  • We're struggling to find fun things to do to distract us from the fact that we miss him so much!  
  • Our cat is sick and we've taken him to the vets twice this week (4th or 5th time in the past month).... we're struggling with the fact that we may very well have to say good bye to him soon.  He's lived a nice long life but that doesn't make it any easier.  
  • We've had our faith in friends shaken and we're struggling to remember that people are good and kind.  
  • We're struggling to find the motivation to keep up with our schoolwork and I've struggled to find my voice in order to blog.  
  • I took a hiatus from blogging this week and debating giving it up entirely along with Facebook and all social media.  
Luckily I am pretty good at working through struggles and we managed to have a pretty decent week despite how down we were all feeling about everything.

Reading: Evan read Red Pandas, a few more chapters in Dragon Masters Rise of the Earth Dragon.  Alec read Who Cloned the President?, Dragon Masters Rise of the Earth Dragons, A to Z Mysteries The Castle Crime, and finished up Fablehaven. He then started reading House of Robots.  Ian read The New Year Dragon Dilemma.  We listened to a few more chapters in In too Deep and The Lost Hero.

Science:  Ian put together his first EEME kit learning about LED lights and how they work.

We went to the zoo this week and enjoyed watching all the animals with their babies.  They were all pretty active and making lots of noises too!  The zoo has some construction going on and Ian was thrilled to watch the equipment and workers at work.  We enjoyed a ride on the sky ride and train and ended up seeing quite a few large heron nests in the trees!

We finally saw some hummingbirds eating out of our hummingbird feeder and the boys and I sat and watched them flitting around for a few minutes one morning.

Math: The boys worked in their math workbooks a bit this week.  We also talked a lot about budgeting money and how to plan for unexpected expenses (like large vet bills).  Alec got a new Minecraft activity book in yesterday and has already completed 1/2 the book.  We had a mini lesson in finding percents last night to help him finish off one last page before bed.

Arts & Crafts:  We made firework painting pictures using white glue, salt and watercolors.

Evan's completed picture 

We also bough some Makit Bakit kits and spent a fun afternoon making sun catchers.

History:  We all watched Forest Gump together (occasionally fast forwarding through inappropriate parts).  I have always loved how that movie melded fiction with history!

Socialization: We had a family reunion and a birthday party over the weekend.  We spent a wonderful weekend playing with family and friends and learning a new game called Boccie ball.  Alec just loved it!  We had a friend come over to play for the day too.

Physical Education:  We went kayaking one morning this week.  The boys have all been swimming, tubing and riding bikes this week too. The boys spent the afternoon at a local cottage jumping off of their floating dock, playing on the paddle boat, and working on their diving skills.  The boys swam down to a rope swing that someone installed and took turns jumping off the rope swing.  They had a great time and it's a decent length swim.  I kayaked alongside them so they could stop and hold on if they needed to and to help keep them safe/ visible to other boats.

Ian loved his new flippers that he got for his birthday.  He's been wearing them
to swim all week! 

Jumping off the dock

Just for fun!:  Ian got the American flag shaved into to the side of his head (something he often does for the summer) and Evan permanently dyed the top/front of his hair blue.  He's been asking for weeks and we finally bought a home kit to do it ourselves.  They just love being able to express themselves this way.

We made up a new recipe this week; a delicious new dessert to bring to our family reunion party.  We called it No Bake Strawberry Dream Cake.  We just loved the combination of strawberry and chocolate-- YUM!

I'm glad I overcame my ambivalence to blogging today; looking at this post is helping me put our week into perspective and made me realize that we had a lot more fun than I had originally thought! Thanks for joining me and reading about our week.

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  1. I love your son's haircut! I understand about struggles. Just remember, you would have them even if kids were in traditional school.

    1. Thank you! And so very true; not one of our struggles would have been any different this week if they weren't homeschooled.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your kitticat. We had outs put to sleep last October and I still miss them every day :(
    I hope things get easier on you all soon ((()))

    1. Thank you! Sorry to hear about your cat. It's never easy to loose a pet.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your kitticat. We had outs put to sleep last October and I still miss them every day :(
    I hope things get easier on you all soon ((()))

  4. ((hugs)) dear mama friend! Some seasons are truly harder than others. I'm sorry to hear about your cat and hope that you will be at peace in all the decisions regarding what to do.

    On the blogging front, I've had many times where I wanted to toss in the towel, but just last night as I was fretting over a possible fire evacuation, I was greatly blessed that many of our memories and pictures on on my blog instead of having to track down photos that never made it to albums.

    I hope that you will continue to share :)

    1. I finally decided that I enjoy writing and sharing too much to just stop but that I don't HAVE to write everyday either. Sometimes a small break is all that I need.


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