Weekly Re-Cap; Year #4 Week 26

This week just flew right by! We were having such a great time together that we hardly noticed it was Friday.  The weather was sunny and we had a few warm days that made us anxious for spring.  We took advantage and spent Monday at the zoo.  We tackled a bit of schoolwork each day and finished up by lunch allowing us to relax and enjoy our afternoons.  We cleaned up the yard, cleaned out our toy boxes, and the boys had a blast playing with the water (even though it's still very cold!).

Math:  They each worked on 8 more pages in their workbooks.  The older two boys each worked on the next set of pages in Are You a Math Genius?  They all worked on the next two pages in Multiplication games.  All three boys got to take a break from their workbooks one day and work on a compute and color page using Mystery Picture Math and Quilt Math.  The older boys were adding 4 & 5 digit numbers while Evan worked with adding 2 digit numbers; all with carrying over.  It was a nice easy review but I was surprised no one wanted to color them!

Spelling/ Sight Words: The boys each worked on the next set of pages in all of their Thinking Tree Spelling books: Fun Spelling, Four Seasons spelling, 101 Words, and Spelling Time.  Evan worked on the next page in his Star Wars Reading book learning about complete sentences.  He also played with his sight word stacking cups one day and he only got stuck on three words so we're making real progress there.

Reading: We all listened to The Horse and his Boy and finished up The Hero's Guide to Being an Outlaw.  Ian read several chapters in Treasure Hunters Danger Down the Nile. He's enjoying these books so much I often find him choosing to read instead of playing!  I don't think that has ever happened before.  Evan read Manatees, The Missing Tooth Mystery, Just a Bully, and listened to some more of The Lord of the Rings.   Alec finished up Hoodoo, read Double Fudge, Hyperion and the Great Balls of Fire (in less than an hour!), The Mystery of the Griefer's Mark, and started new series called The Infinity Ring.  We actually spent 30 minutes at our local library and Alec picked out four new book series to start and try out.

Geography: Alec read Paris in Spring with Picasso, Adele & Simon, The Mona Lisa Caper, France and Paris 1789.  He finished watching the rest of his France movie and we spent a morning look through my photographs from when I went to France in high school.   Evan and I read An Inuksuk Means Welcome , A Children's Guide to Arctic Birds, Amazing Arctic Animals, and he finished watching episode one of Frozen Planet.  Ian read Australia ABC's , read part of This is Australia and finished up his movie as well.

Science- We went to the zoo! You can read about our trip here. (though we also consider that field trip part geography and part reading too!).  They spent lots of time outside playing and enjoying nature. One day I found them trying to see what would happen if they blew through our horn into the water; of course it made huge bubbles in the water and they thought that was great.  They also blew real bubbles and tried to see who could catch them and hold them the longest.

Alec's Favorite-- the red panda 
blowing bubbles under wate 

Writing-- The older boys worked in their cursive workbooks.  We played with Rory's Story Cubes one morning making up elaborate stories.

Physical Education-- We went on a nature hiking near the hydroelectric dam over the weekend.  The boys went to karate and learned some self- defense moves, break falls, and rolls.  They loved it!  Our slide broke over the winter and so we removed that from our climber and talked about possibly taking the whole thing down.  The boys played it with more than they have in years!  The loved using it like a clubhouse and jumping out the opening; which they can easily do now that they're older.  They were climbing up and down the whole thing all afternoon.

Life skills-- Alec spent some time this weekend at the forge with his dad while Ian spent the weekend  working with his grandfather.  The boys watched a few episodes of Forged in Fire; learning more about metal forging.  They all worked to clean the house and helped cooked some meals.

Socialization-- We spent a day visiting my grandmother.  We had another relative show up and Ian in particular had a great time visiting with him.  He even decided to stay behind and visit a little longer while I ran to an orthodontist appointment for Alec with Evan in tow.  We also spent one afternoon visiting with the boys' great, great, aunt and playing with her new kitten.  We had a fun game of war going until I won!


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    1. Great week! I love the photos, especially the sunny ones :)

    2. Thank you! It has been so nice to see it out again.

  2. What an awesome week! The zoo is such a fun place and I have never seen a red panda before! The nature hike sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing your week with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope to see you link up again this week :)

  3. I love reading about other homeschoolers weeks! I always get such great ideas. Sounds like you had a great week of learning and fun. We love going to the zoo and are planning on going next week. I definitely count it as school as it is such a learning experience. I usually have the kids write and draw about what they saw. I tried reading The horse and his boy to my boys but they weren't that interested. It's one of my favorite books so maybe I'll have to try audio. I also love when I find my boys reading on their own as it can be a rare sight;)

    1. So very true! Boys and books are like endangered animals around here most of the time.


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