Weekly Wrap- Up; 1/2 week between Christmas and New Years

A Double Post this week!  Just because I'm counting down our most popular posts of the year doesn't mean I don't want to recap our school week.

It's the week between Christmas and New Year's Day when all the local schools are on vacation. Normally we would be too and I had no plans to do any schoolwork this week; especially since I've been sick since Christmas Eve with a horrible head cold (and everyone else in the house has had some form of it or another).

But since we had no plans and spent most days hanging around at home we ended up doing a bit of schoolwork anyway; just to keep us occupied.

Mostly the boys have spent the week playing new video games, playing with their new toys, playing with their cousins (who came up and spent a day with us), and building their new Lego sets but we did have lots of materials due at the library and so here's a look at our week:

Geography-- We watched the movie Born Free and learned about what life what like on a Kenya reserve.  We also read Homes around the World and On the Same Day In March continuing to learn about what houses and weather are like around the world.

Art-- Ian wanted to do a watercolor painting and spent an entire afternoon following step by step instructions to draw an elephant.  He then used his watercolors to color it in.

Following the on-line instructions 

Reading-- We finished Storming the Castle and listened to another disk in A New Hope.  Ian continued reading his new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and Alec read Spirit Animals Immortal Guardians.  Evan read Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Party, I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean, Biscuit's Big Friend, and Bear Feels Scared.  

English and Language arts-- Evan completed two pages in his new Star Wars reading book grade two and the older two boys practiced their cursive using copy work.

Math/Technology-- All three kids focused a lot on the money they got from Christmas and making a few purchases here and there; always adding up what they were spending and seeing how much they'd have left.  All three boys also worked on another four pages in their math workbooks.  They've been extremely busy building with Lego sets and our new Wedgits sets (we got a few expansion sets for Christmas).  The boys got some new video games and have been busy figuring out how to play them.

Science-- We finally had a day of rain/ sleet/ snow and the boys could not wait to get up and go play.  While we barely got a dusting it all crusted over enough that they were able to go sledding two days in a row.  They had a great time chipping away at the driveway and exploring the outdoors.  Alec got a new bird feeder for Christmas and we've put it up next to his old one and have had a great time watching all the birds; identifying them, watching their behaviors and seeing what they like to eat.

Physical Education-- Ian worked out a day or two in our basement and the older two boys participated in their karate class this week.  The boys have been running around and sledding outside.

Life skills-- Ian learned how to make lasagna in the crock pot one night this week and made everyone home made waffles from scratch over the weekend.  The boys also did a lot of house cleaning (trying to get those germs OUT!), cooking, and fending for themselves when I was too sick to help them.  They helped out with grocery shopping too.      

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  2. I love the elephant picture- it's gorgeous!
    Happy new year!

  3. What a wonderful week! Hope you are feeling better, and that you and your family had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing your week with #SocialButterflySunday! Hope you will link up again this week :)

    1. I'm certainly going to try. I've been writing them down and trying to do a better job keeping track on which linky parties fit best with my blog. :)


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