Candy Craftivity

We decided to start our day with a fun Christmas candy craft/ activity.

We had bought supplies to make candy sleighs and trains last week; because of course the boys could not all decide on the same project!  Once we went shopping though we could not find the supplies we needed for the candy train and ended up with a rather cute candy race car/ train instead.

To make a candy sleigh:

  1. You need a glue gun, some glue sticks, 2 candy canes, a regular sized Kit Kat bar, and an assortment of Hershey's miniatures.
  2. Start by hot gluing the two candy canes onto the bottom of the Kit Kat.  Then glue 4 Hershey's miniatures on top of the Kit Kat.  
  3. Then glue three miniatures on the next row, 3 on the next row and end with 1 final miniature.  
  Simple, cute and so yummy!  If giving as a gift, they look just darling tied with a ribbon.  Ours did not last longer than a few minutes before candies were already pulled off.

To make a candy race car: 
  1. You will need a glue gun, some glue sticks, miniature peanut butter cups, Hershey's miniatures, Snicker's bar, and a Hershey's kiss. 
  2. Start by hot gluing four miniature peanut butter cups onto the side of the Snicker's bar for wheels.  
  3. Stack up three Hershey's miniatures onto the back of the car and then stack a miniature peanut butter cup and a Hershey kiss on the front.  
I realize in the end it looks more like a cross between a train and a car but at least my boy was pleased with it.

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  1. GREAT ideas!!! My children will LOVE this!! And, of course, I'll need to taste test the candy first to make sure it's all safe to eat... wink wink...

    Mrs. U

  2. cute cute! These would be fun for the grandkids. Thanks for sharing!


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