101 Screen Free Fall Activities For Fall

My boys have been acting up a lot lately and I think that's partly due to the fact that they're spending an awful lot of time in front of the TV watching movies or playing video games.

I don't mind my boys playing video games or watching TV and movies but I do notice an increase in their bad behavior when it's time to take a break.  It's particularly bad when we have to go to a store or run errands.

I've found myself putting a ban on all screen related activities for a bit and the boys were floundering around for ideas of what else they could do.  So on top of my 45 Things to do This Fall I decided to some up with some screen free activities that the boys could do. There is some overlap between the two lists but I tried to come up with a lot more ideas of things they could do on their own for his list:

  1. Hiking
  2. Trying a new recipe
  3. Painting outside in nature
  4. Going on a leaf hunt
  5. Visit a corn maze
  6. Bob for apples
  7. Paint faces with watercolor crayons
  8. Put together a puzzle
  9. Work on one of our boxed science kits
  10. Play a board game
  11. Read a book
  12. Make some fun dough, slime, or goop
  13. Draw with chalk in the driveway
  14. Go for a bike ride
  15. Visit a farm
  16. Build with Legos
  17. Go on a picnic
  18. Check out a local nature center
  19. Go to the beach 
  20. Fly kites
  21. Collect leaves and small items to look at under the microscope
  22. Decorate a T-shirt
  23. Make a bird feeder for the birds
  24. Rake leaves into a pile and jump in them
  25. Make a bug hotel
  26. Build a fort-- inside or outside
  27. Make band bracelets
  28. Work on a modeling kit
  29. Make up your own scavenger hunt
  30. Make a marble maze 
  31. Accept a Lego Challenge
  32. Go bowling
  33. Learn a new skill-- think knitting, wood building, sculpting clay, sewing
  34. Try a new sport-- football, field hockey, etc.
  35. Put together an obstacle course in the yard
  36. Climb a tree
  37. Play with stomp rockets
  38. Jump rope
  39. Plan a science experiment
  40. build with Keva blocks
  41. Nerf gun battle
  42. Play air hockey
  43. Build a maze for the hex bugs
  44. Play hopscotch
  45. color with markers
  46. use our scratch paper to make some art
  47. Make some leaf rubbings or leaf art
  48. Go roller skating
  49. Make apple prints
  50. Play fooseball
  51. Make candy or caramel apples
  52. Go on a hayride
  53. Write with a cipher to your friend
  54. Do some Yoga
  55. Play with animal play sets, water and shaving cream
  56. Play with Magna tiles and build something using glow sticks too
  57. Make a stop motion video
  58. Make some coffee filter leaves for the windows
  59. Go to the skate park with scooters and try some ramps
  60. Play at the playground
  61. Host a fall field day complete with activities
  62. Play with hula hoops
  63. Play ping pong
  64. Make a duct tape wallet, book or other craft project
  65. Make your own kite or windsock
  66. Extreme dot to dot pages or Word search puzzles
  67. Fill balloons with shaving cream for a shaving cream balloon fight
  68. Make a chain reaction with Popsicle sticks, dominoes or DVD cases
  69. Use sharpie markers and alcohol to make some tie dyed socks
  70. Make your own toy catapult
  71. Host a Minute to Win It game day
  72. Make Pop rockets
  73. Paint with Hex bugs
  74. Make your own bookmark
  75. Make your own sword with duct tape, tin foil and cardboard
  76. Try soap carving
  77. Do some CD weaving for a fun garden decoration
  78. Make pinecone animal
  79. Make a Thankful tree with twigs and paper leaves; don't forget to write what you're thankful for!
  80. Paint or decorate a pumpkin
  81. Make tin can or soda can luminaries
  82. Make a leaf bowl
  83. Make paper pumpkins
  84. Make a spinning Nerf target 
  85. Paint and decorate sticks, branches or trees around the yard
  86. Make your own bouncy balls
  87. Weave with straws and yarn
  88. Make a soda top bracelet
  89. Go geocaching or letter boxing 
  90. Use geoboards and elastics
  91. Make mud paint
  92. Write a story
  93. Make paracord bracelets 
  94. Make a paper bag puppet
  95. Play with Pattern blocks
  96. Use paper and stamps to make a card
  97. Make a paper chain counting down until Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas
  98. Play with the tabletop pool table
  99. Make your own Zentangle 
  100. Make a balloon and Lego car
  101. Play with snap circuits


  1. What a fun list. I appreciate the time you took to make it.
    Be blessed!

  2. Making a bug hotel would go along perfectly with my daughter's science studies. Thanks for sharing at the #LMMLinkup.

    1. Oh good! I love when our activities coincide with what we're already learning about. Thanks for stopping by.


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