Another Field Trip to the Apple Orchard?

We had a fun field trip to the apple orchard today.  Another homeschooling mom planned this outing and had such an amazing response that she actually ended up with a wait list of families!

We were looking forward to it but yet I couldn't help but wonder what they'd really learn while on a trip to the orchard.

We've been on many field trips to the apple orchard over the years and we've been to pick apples many times each year.  I figured they kind of knew everything that they were going to be taught today and wondered if I was kidding myself thinking that his was going to be an educational field trip.

I was even more nervous as we arrived and started through the trip; the man who talked to us about the orchard gave a pretty quick rundown on the place and then left us to pick apples.  I think he spoke for 10 minutes and I was feeling disappointed that this wasn't such an educational day.

So Imagine my surprise when 4 hours later on our way home for the day (after hiking and visiting my grandmother) all three boys were able to tell me quite a few facts they learned today!

Here is what they remember:
  • Apple/ fruit picking ladders are skinny on top so they can fit in between the branches of fruit trees.
  • There is work to do year round at the orchard
  • They only spray pesticides early in the spring before leaves or apples show up to prevent pests from taking over and to try and limit the pesticides on the apples
  • There are 23 varieties of apples
  • The orchard owns 200 acres of land and has more than 60 acres that they plant on and use
  • They also grow pear trees, peaches, tomatoes, potatoes, okra, pumpkins and gourds
  • They pick the apples by hand
  • They use a special bucket with soft sides and an open soft bottom to keep the apples from getting bruised
  • Alec learned to identify a few different types of apples.
  • They pick apples by turning the apple to the sky and letting it slip off the branch naturally 

 Not bad for a 30 minute lesson! 


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