You Might Be A Homeschooling Family If...

 Here are a few ways to tell if you're a homeschooling family (just in case you aren't sure if you are or not!):

  1. When people ask your kids what grade they're in, they turn to you with a panicked look in their eyes. 
  2. The school uniform often consists of Pj's and slippers.
  3. You hear "no school today?" every time you go to the store with the kids during school hours.
  4. You get asked more questions about socialization than you can count on one hand each week.
  5. Your family vacations are more like field trips.
  6. You and your kids can turn ANYTHING into a learning lesson.  "Mom why can't I watch Pokemon as part of school? It teaches me all about science like how water and earth beat fire."
  7. None of you like to go on field trips when schools are on break because all the places are crowded and you're just not used to that.  
  8. Your kids have chores and can cook, do laundry and clean the house at very young ages; which you totally count as home economics. 
  9. You enjoy hanging out at the park at noon on a weekday. 
  10. You all count trips to the grocery store, dentist, and amusement park as field trips. 
  11. When people ask the kids where they go to school they say they don't go to school and so you quickly interject and explain all the ways that homeschooling is a valid life choice. 
  12. You local library has an entire shelf and a box set aside for you when you walk in... and then later that afternoon there is another message from the library saying more books that you ordered came in. 
  13. Your children genuinely enjoy learning.  
How can people tell you're a homeschooling family?


  1. Yes, all of the above. There was once a preserved cow's eye on my kitchen counter for a month or more waiting to be dissected.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Yes! The science experiments like growing butterflies and ladybugs on the dining room table. That's definitely a homeschooling sign.

  2. Joanne, I wish I had the opportunity to homeschool my son. I think he would have had a much better education. However, I did make our weekends learning experiences with trips to the museum, hiking adventures and trips abroad to soak in the culture. He still to this day talks about our adventures and how it made such an impact on him Thank you for sharing with us at #SimplifyWednesdays Pinned, Shared, Tweeted

    Carla a.k.a Mrs R @

    1. Aw, you're what we call a part time homeschooler; homeschooling on nights and weekends and vacations! I have a few friends who do that too. Obviously it made quite an impact on your son so good for you!

  3. I can identify w/ so many of those! What a blessing it is to homeschool! :)

  4. ha ha These are great. We are just getting started this year. She is only almost 5, so we don't get the "shouldn't she be in school?" question yet, but just the past two years alone, especially in my moms group, I would get the "is she in preschool or anything?" *sigh*... Stopping by from This is How We Roll.

    1. Thank you! Good luck on your journey with your daughter.

  5. Love this! And as kids get into the highschool years, the benefits multiply because they are given so much freedom to choose. Mine have been able to pursue a trade while also preparing for college, which is usually not possible within the rigid time frame of a school schedule.

    1. We are seeing that already with our oldest son. We actually looked into a local trade school and realized he's get far more opportunity learning at home and tinkering on his own with a few mentors.

  6. What a fun post! I'm so glad you shared it with Encouraging Hearts & Home - we are going to have your post as our weekly feature! I hope you can join us again.

    Marissa | Reading List


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