20 Reasons Why My Kids LOVE Homeschooling

People often ask my kids if they like homeschooling.  They'll ask the boys if they miss public school.  They'll ask if the boys miss their friends... they act like I'm holding my kids hostage or something.

 Luckily my kids have no problems telling anyone who asks that they LOVE homeschooling.

They also aren't shy to list why they enjoy homeschooling and why they did not like school.

I asked them to help me out today and here are their reasons why they love homeschooling (I tried to keep all answers in their own words as much as possible):

  1. You don't have to do as many worksheets or school subjects in one day
  2. Most of the lessons are fun and hands- on instead of sitting and listening to a boring book about history we can go visit someplace about history 
  3. You don't have to wake up so early and you get to sleep in
  4. If you have homeschooling friends you can see them even during the school year to just play and hang out and have fun together 
  5. You can visit the zoos and stuff during the school year and they're a lot less crowded
  6. We can swim all the time instead of waiting until the end of the day and only swimming for two hours
  7. We get to pick what we want to learn about
  8. We don't get sick as often
  9. No one really gets in trouble
  10. There are no bad influences or anything
  11. You have more time for art, reading, swimming and playing since school is over pretty quickly
  12. When you don't have to go anywhere you can wear your pajamas all day; like pajama day at school but you can do it a lot more often
  13. We don't have homework
  14. Nobody teases me, picks on me, or bullies me
  15. The food is better!  
  16. Schoolwork can be done on the couch so we can relax and be comfortable while learning 
  17. School only lasts half a day and then we can do what we want
  18. We get longer periods of time to play outside
  19. We get to go on more field trips & watch a lot of movies for learning
  20. Because I can see my mom all day long


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