50 FUN Ways to Practice Spelling Words

I don't give my kids a lot of spelling work because I think they'll pick up a lot of it on their own as they get older & mature.  They read a lot and I think that exposure helps.  I was always a horrible speller and I'm not afraid to admit that I'd be lost without spell- checking programs.  

That said I do think it is important to teach some of the rules of spelling and so when we do have words we want to practice I try and keep it as fun as I can for them.  

There are many different ways to keep spelling fun and interesting for our children.  I try to suggest a variety of activities and I'm always looking for new ones.  Here are some ideas:

1.  Write the spelling words using different writing utensils: pens, pencil crayons, wax crayons, felt markers, chalk, bingo markers, etc. I know my kids just like to have a break from boring old pencils. 

2. Use your finger to write the spelling words on a tray of sand, rice, pudding, in shaving cream, etc.

3. Write the spelling words outside with sidewalk chalk or use colored water in squirt bottles to "write" the words in the snow in winter.

4. Move and spell-- think jump roping, hula hooping, or bouncing a ball while spelling out loud.

5. Find the letters for the words in a newspaper, cut out and paste on a new sheet of paper in the correct spelling order.

6. Use stencils to trace the words then color and decorate.

7. Use rubber stamps and either ink the spelling words on paper or leave impressions on clay/ play dough.

8. Paint the spelling words on a large sheet of paper using a small brush.

9. Make the words out of play dough; roll it, shape it, have fun with it.

10. Write the vowels in each word using a different color.

11. Write the words in alphabetical order.

12. Write the words in backwards alphabetical order.

13. Draw a picture for each of the picture nouns (or words that you can draw pictures for).

14. Write a short sentence with the spelling words for your child to use as copywork.

15. Have kids write up their own sentences with their spelling words making them as silly as possible.

16. Create a word search, maze, or cross word puzzle with the week's words.  You can find resources for that here.

17. Use spelling websites like Spelling City to play spelling games

18. Look the words up in the dictionary (this one doesn't require any writing!)

19. My kids enjoy writing their spelling words on our windows with dry erase markers

20. Making rainbow words-- using different colors for each of the letters in the spelling words

21. Use game pieces from games like Scrabble to spell out words; or better yet just play spelling games like Scrabble, Word Wave, Boggle, Spill and Spell and forget the list entirely for a bit. 

22. Find some foam letters and set them at one end of the yard.  Have a spelling word relay where they run and get the letters they need to spell; one letter at a time.  It's a great way to burn off excess energy and have fun while learning.

23. "Write" your words with water on the sidewalk, pavement, or chalkboard

24. Type them on the computer; also teaches a bit of basic typing

25. Build words with Lego pieces or blocks

26. Cut out letters from sandpaper sheet and have kids line them up in order; place a sheet of paper over it and make rubbings (You can also use hot glue to make the letters for rubbings too)

27. Play Hangman!  It's such a fun game and don't be afraid to let them write out the spaces and have you guess; it's very educational since they have to repeatedly spell it over and over in their head to know where to place your letters.

28. Use refrigerator magnet letters to spell out words on cookie sheets.

29. If you're not afraid to get messy dig out the liquid glue and glitter; write the words with the glue and sprinkle with glitter

30. Use finger paints and either fingers or q-tips to write the words on paper with paint

31. Magical words-- have kids write their spelling words in white crayon on white paper and then use watercolor paints to make the words magically appear.

32. Turn the words into art; don't limit them and let them be creative with it.  They could draw one really big heart or shape and fit all their words inside it.  They could draw multiple small shapes, one for each word, and write all the words inside them using different colors.

33. Use toothpicks, q-tips or small objects to make up the letters and words.

34. Use a stick and trace the letters in the sand

35. Use snacks-- we found alphabet cookies, alphabet cereal, and alphabet cheez-its worked great for spelling out yummy words we could eat!

36. Sing, rap, cheer or chant the letters of the spelling words (Think BINGO! or "Give me a T!").

37. Write letters out in the driveway and have kids hop from letter to letter as they spell the words out loud.

38. Write letters on mini sticky notes and have the kids keep rearranging them to make their different words.

39. Come up with a cipher and have the kids write their words in code.  (assign each letter of the alphabet a number or a simple shape and then write using the numbers and shapes)

41. Have them write the words with all caps or really small, with their eyes closed, or with the wrong hand-- just something silly and fun.

42. Write each word in a different color end to end with no spaces like one lone train line of words itcanbereallyfuntoseetheendresults.

43. Have your child write out each spelling words twice onto small cards (or you write one set and they write another) and then play Memory with the cards.

44. Have your child draw a picture.  When they are completely finished have them hide their words in and around it.

45. Fill a gallon size zippered bag with finger paints or hair gel and "write" words in the paint.

46. Use small alphabet stickers to write out the words.

47. We have a drawing app on the boys Kindles & sometimes I have then draw out their words using the app.

48. Have your child write the spelling words in a list; you do the same.  Using alphabet dice (like the one used in Scattergories game) take turns rolling the dice and crossing off your letters; the first one to get rid of all their letters wins!

49. Play Tic Tac Toe.  Pick two spelling words at a time and play the game as usual substituting x's and o's for the spelling words; just make sure to make the grid big enough for them to fit!

50. Pyramid words-- I threw this last one in since my middle son is obsessed with pyramids at this point.  Have them write the words in stages:

How do you like to practice spelling and spelling words?  

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