Nature at Night

With Alec having had a sleepover at his grandmother's last night, our needing to get to the grocery store, and having my sister and nephews come for a nice long visit we never had time to do school today!

It was an Unexpected Day OFF!   

 It was a wonderful day though and one I wouldn't have traded for anything.

Perhaps it would have been nicer with a few less tears (when you get 5 boys together someone is bound to get hurt!) and a bit less bickering between the brothers but I can't complain.

It's funny but I feel guilty when we take a day off.

Even though we pretty much never take a full day off from school I always feel like I'm cheating the boys out of a day of learning.

I shouldn't but it's been programmed in me from the time I was old enough to go to school that learning takes place during school hours, using school books, and following teacher's instructions.

Time like this I have to look back at our overall week and remind myself of all that we've done.  Boy, did we do a lot this week!

We Learned A LOT This Week:

  • We went to the zoo and learned about all the different animals. 
  • We read books about the galaxy, played with galaxy goo and drew pictures of planets.  
  • The boys learned how to code simple computer programs.  
  • We did lots of reading and math.  
  • Evan played several different sight word games.  
  • We learned about two "new" states through our postcard exchange.
  • We also played board games like Sorry!
  • Read even more chapters and books "after" school hours. 
  • Went on a nature walk around a local pond.  
  • We set up our Live Ladybug Land & our Live Butterfly Garden.  
 As homeschoolers we get to count it all as school!

  We don't have set times or set days to learn. 

I remind my boys that we are all life long learners.  

Homeschooling allow us more time to relax and enjoy life... I just have a hard time doing that.   

Luckily, my boys are pretty driven to keep busy and they're so curious about the world around them that unless I'm asking them to do a worksheet after "school hours" they never complain.  

Sometimes I'm not even sure they even notice all the extra stuff we do; but I do!

See the pulley & cable system?  Very old

Setting up our Ladybug Land 

I had no idea Ladybug larvae looked like this!
See you really do learn something new everyday! 


  1. I love the memory of days by the lake when it was just too hot to do school. The public schools took snow days, but we were more likely to take SUNNY days!

    1. We often ignore snow days and take SUN days instead. Who wants to stay inside when the sun is shining and flowers are blooming?

  2. I was just feeling like this today; we went to the zoo and we are trying to plan a week to see grandparents. But then I think I should be still focusing on schoolwork. But I soon realized that the time spent with people who love them, doing all sorts of fun things, reading good books and exploring new places is exactly what we all need after working hard all school year. The one on one is what matters, not what we get through in a day (or year)!

    1. Very, very true! I think we all often forget the importance of one on one.


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