How We Balance School Subjects With 3 Different Grade Levels

We had a very light and easy day of schooling yesterday.  We were meeting our homeschool group for a fun park day and possible hike.   We wanted to work a bit on our Star Wars unit before leaving though.

Here's a rundown of our day and what we did:

Star Wars Unit:
Continuing with our Star Wars theme, we started the day with Star Wars Mad Libs.  The kids love Mad Libs and we did more than one each.  It's good practice with the various parts of speech and it's a lot of fun.

When Mad Libs were over Alec settled at the computer for some fun writing using Lego Star Wars Comic Builder on the Lego website.  They all took a turn through the course of the morning and they really enjoyed it.

They came up with some pretty cute comic strips too.  Alec was actually a bit disappointed that he couldn't do even more with it! He was hoping to be able to move the characters arms around and give them facial expressions too.

While Alec was busy on the computer, Ian dictated the answers to another Star Wars math page to me.  We went over fact families for multiplication and division.  He had one last paper to work on- an alphabetical order page with the various star wars characters names.

Evan completed two pages in his Star Wars 1st grade reading book and then completed two pages on addition and subtraction.  One of the pages required quite a bit of my help since it's the first time he dealt with finding the missing numbers in a subtraction sentence.  I explained how addition and subtraction were opposites and we went through each problem together.  He did good but I could tell the concept was frustrating him so we'll set it aside for now and come back to it later.

While he sat at the computer building his comic strip I packed lunches for everyone.

We arrived at the park and all the kids immediately went for the playground.

They happily played for over two hours.

They stopped now and then to snack, drink or eat lunch.

They found new friends & rediscovered old.

Ian actually went with some other homeschoolers (all kids!) through the chasm without me.  He (and I) felt safe since at least two of the kids had cell phones to call for help if needed plus we've been enough times that he knows to stay on the path.  They had a great time together and all came back happy, flushed, and tired.

I had fun talking with the moms as we all compared notes on parenting, teaching, and kids in general.

 It was a beautiful day without a single cloud in the sky and we just loved it.


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