Building Familial Bonds Through Homeschooling

We had another half day of school today.  We decided this morning that we wanted to go visiting in the afternoon so the boys were eager about setting down to do some schoolwork.

I had just planned on a few of the basics for school today anyway and since the boys were eagerly working and willing to do a bit of extra with me we covered quite a bit.  We finished up right around 11:30 and headed to have lunch with my husband at work.  Then we spent the afternoon at my grandmother's house visiting with her and my aunt.  It was nice to just have a relaxing day connecting with family.

I love that we get to pick and choose when and how much we get to work as homeschoolers.

I love that my boys have such close connections with our family members.  We often go visit our elderly relatives during the school day and we could never do that if the boys were in public school. 

Homeschooling has helped us strengthen so many familial bonds! I had no idea when we began this journey how important that would become to us all.
  • I have watched my boys become friends and not just brothers.  
  • They get to see their cousins weekly and have become so close. 
  • The boys are so much closer to their aunts too; who we'll frequently visit with.
  • They've started going out to breakfast one a month with their grandmother-- on a school day! It's such a fun special treat and they look forward to it so much. 
  • They often visit their great grandmother or great, great aunt and play games and cards with them.
  • They now know that they can come to me with anything and that I'll always be there for them.
  • They can stay up a bit later and spend time with their dad even on nights when he had to work late or visit him at work.
  • We've accompanied my husband on last minute business trips so we could spend some time together exploring new places and building family memories. 

Homeshooling has allowed us the time to spend with family and really get to know them, know their stories and made personal connections with one another.

I had actually worried that homeschooling would strain our relationships; that the boys would fight more and worse being home together, that I would not have enough patience and end up yelling all the time....  but I was so very wrong.

This has been such an expected blessing to homeschooling!


  1. This is amazing. I love this! I wish I had what you guys have.

    Yes, I agree. This is one of the beautiful things about homeschooling.

    I love this post!

  2. I love this about homeschooling as well! It is so awesome to see all of the bonding between family!

    Thanks for linking up @LiveLifeWell!




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