Aquarium Mania Scrapbooking Pages

The boys and I often seem like we're drawn to water.

I love scrapbooking pages about pools, aquariums and even just watching them playing in the water.

For me it's all about the blue and green color schemes while for them it's just about the fun.

I often have a huge pile of pictures waiting to be scrapbooked and so I prefer quick and easy designs and layouts.  It's not always easy keeping my ideas fresh and new.  I often scrap the same activity for each of the boys so I'm usually forced to come up with three different pages for each place we visit. We also tend to visit many of the same places over and over again in a year and that makes it even harder.

I find moving the pictures around on the page, switching out embellishments and changing papers often is key for keeping things new.

For this slippery when wet page I used a shaped paper I bought off of  I mounted the paper on some bright orange card stock and used the same orange paper to mount my photos to the bottom of the page.  I then used some bubble stickers and made a small cluster at the boom left hand side of the page & on the right hand side of the page above the picture.  The title is another sticker. I'm all about quick and easy layouts! 

For this page I used a bright turquoise background and mounted of my photos on a wide strip of gray paper right down the middle.  I found the paper pieced title "Aquarium" to be the perfect size and color scheme and journaled up and down the sides of the gray paper. 

I actually found this paper in a pack of baby boy paper and thought that if I covered up the words "baby boy!" it would make a great aquarium page.  I carefully cut around the whale's tail and water spout and covered up the words by slipping a small photo on top of them. I then mounted the two remaining photos on the white section of the page and used my marker to make small stitch marks around the border.  I finished off the page with a few hand drawn water spouts by the corners of the photos and make a quick title using my Cricut and my Life's a Beach cartridge. 

It was our local aquarium's birthday and the younger two boys and I had a great day exploring the aquarium while eating cake and playing with the beluga whale.  For this page I used two background papers; one that was a blue on blue chevron and another plain blue.  I mounted all photos on white paper and then set them together on the page.  using some left over Sea World rub on's I added the penguin and his droplets of water to the page.  I had the celebrate your day sticker leftover from a birthday sticker pack and both the colors and the sentiment seemed to go nicely.

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  1. Hi! I don't know how you have a minute to spare to record your adventures (in such a lovely keepsake) with all that you do with your boys. I love the paper and color schemes you chose for backgrounds. Nice! -Sarah from

    1. Thank you! Sometimes I'm not sure how I do it either! But usually when I'm in the mood I can crank out 20 or so pages in just one weekend.

  2. I can see that you all had a blast. And I do admire your patience. I love looking at scrapbooking pages, even tried digital scrapbooking a while back, but I just couldn't find the time to do it. Yours look great! Thank you for sharing them at The Really Crafty Link Party this week!

    1. Finding the time is the tricky part! I tend to go in spurts where I'll spend an entire day scrappinng and get 10-15 pages done and then go long periods of time where I get nothing done.


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