Family Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is probably my favorite holiday.

I know most people love Christmas, but for me the holiday is just to much.

Valentine's day is much more my speed where a little love, attention and devotion are all that is required.  I look for something new to make the day special each year without breaking the bank and make sure that all my guys feel special and loved.

This year, I accomplished it all with just a few choice recipes.  We started celebrating Valentine's day as a family a few years ago and we've never looked back.  Gone are the days of trying to find a sitter or make reservations; and I don't miss them at all.  My husband and I have plenty of time alone and the boys seem to be growing up faster and faster.  It's nice to spend meaningful time with them and on Valentine's all my guys are showered with love.

We typically buy a small box of chocolates for the boys but this year they got some new sleds (since most of their sleds broke already).  Unfortunately, they opened their sleds last week and so I knew they'd have nothing but a card to open today.

I made cards for all three boys plus my husband.  It's not easy to make 4 cards in an hour but I did.  They aren't the the most "wow!" worthy cards I've ever made but I was pleased with how they turned out and, even better, so were the boys.

This one was for my husband 

I spent the morning making some Dove heart peanut butter cookies for dessert.  Using my favorite Jiff peanut butter cookie recipe (the one on the Jiff container) I added some Dove chocolate hearts to them while they were cooling off.

I made the boys Valentine's day heart pizzas.  I even cut the pepperoni pieces into hearts for them.  It only took an extra two or three minutes but the boys thought that it was amazing!  (Try to ignore the disgusting looking pan; I use a lot of oil when cooking pizzas!)

three heart pizzas for three cuties that stole my heart years ago
We topped off their dinner with some cupid floats.  I put vanilla ice cream in their glasses, topped it off with some Code Red Mountain Dew and gave them each a Twizzler straw.  They were happy and felt pretty special.

Cupid floats 
We ended our night with a family movie; Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  It was great.

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  1. Congratulations, your post has been featured over at our Valentine's Day Blog Hop. Lots of fun ideas here to include the kids.

  2. I love this -because we spend Valentines day at home too! These are great ideas to help celebrate!


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