Winter Unschooling During a Snowstorm

Ian was so excited to be woken up at 6 o'clock this morning by my husband. Ian was getting to spend the day at work with his father.  I loved watching him pack his lunch and snacks and snow gear to "go to work!"

I'm sure he'll be spending most of the day doing snow removal again today since as of 10 o'clock last night when I went to bed it was still snowing.  He wouldn't even care if he was just sweeping floors all day.  He loves to work with all the guys and, of course, he loves getting paid.  What worker doesn't?

The other two boys slept in a bit after having had a successful sleepover in Evan's room last night.

I was reluctant to let them try another sleepover since the last two had been disastrous but I figured after being out in the snow all day they'd be plenty tired to go to sleep at a decent hour and I was right.  They stayed up a little once we said good night reading books and comic books and they were quiet so I didn't mind.  When I called "lights out!" they listened and crawled back into bed.

 I love that they've become each other's best friends (not that they'd ever admit that; but they are).  Once they woke up they turned on Evan's light and stayed in his room for a bit playing.  
The younger boys geared up and head outside.  They really wanted to go check on their fort and make sure it lasted through the night.   Once the kids were dressed; they were off... and I pretty much never saw them again until lunch!
After lunch Alec and I cleaned out his fish tank.  He's really great at taking care of his fish.  He needs help once a week to empty and re-fill part of the tank. The water is looking pretty clean to me and I told him that we can head to the fish store one day this week and try to get him a few more fish.   He's turning out to be a wonderful and caring pet owner, not that I'm at all surprised.  He's have a whole menagerie if he had the room and money for it.
While cold, it is sunny today and I knew nothing could beat the appeal of 8 foot snow banks! So I left the boys playing outside, using their imagination and enjoying nature's beauty.


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