Weekend Unschooling: The Weekend we Got New Fish

We had such a wonderful weekend filled with all sorts of wonderful real- life lessons.

Overall I saw the boys reading, doing math, learning about science, applying life skills like cooking and cleaning, painting, following directions, and learning new skills in new video games this weekend.  

It's amazing what they learn on their own

Alec had a party with all of his friends at a local art studio.  The kids all got to paint some sea turtles and Alec had a great time.  He has such wonderful friends!  He certainly seems to have a way about him that draws people to him.  He's very outgoing and confident and I love that he chooses to surround himself with wonderful, caring people.

The completed turtles; Alec has two paintings because one of his friends had to leave early.  
Alec wanted to stop at Petco and get his new fish.  His heater indicated the tank was up to the right temperature and we brought a sample of our water with us.  The man at Petco was wonderfully helpful and told Alec that his water was perfect.

Alec picked out 6 fish-- 3 neon tetras, two different mollies, and a cobra guppy.  He listened to all the instructions very carefully and then asked the lady at the checkout counter to clarify a few of the instructions for him as he had thought of a few more questions while waiting in line.

 The cashier ended up being the same woman who had talked to him a few days prior that had sold him the heater. She congratulated him on getting his fish and wished him luck.  He came home and set the timer for the 20 minute wait while watching the fish floating around in their bags in his tank.  He then asked for my help getting them into the tank.

 I held open the bags while he fished them out one by one with the net.  He sat and watched them all for a bit.  Noticing that the tetras definitely preferred to swim around together, as all schooling fish do.

Even with all the birthday party hoopla we also were busy working on our basement over the weekend.  We had the boys helping us measure all the walls and ceiling heights Saturday morning.

  • They were in charge of reading the measurement and at times they had to estimate or round to the nearest whole number.  
  • We talked about area and perimeter and why we need to know how much surface area we have to paint.  
  • We showed them how to multiply a two digit by a two digit number and gave each of the two older boys a wall to figure out the area of. 
  •  We measured everything in inches so we then talked about converting inches to feet and converting square inches to square feet.  
  • We let them use the calculator to figure out the area of all the other walls.  
  • We added all of our measurements together and divided by 144.  
  • We then could easily figure out how much paint and primer we needed.  
  • We talked about units of measurement and went through what units a clock measures, what units thermometers measure, what units we use to measure weight and why we have standard measurements.  
  • We talked about the metric system versus our system here in the States. 
 I think it might have been a bit overwhelming and a lot for the boys to take in but they did their best and asked a lot of questions when they didn't understand what my husband was saying.

 Alec and Evan spent a lot of their weekend playing video games.

They taught their father to play Bakugan, they heard about  new game called Terraria.  They also downloaded Survival Craft and all three boys had fun trying to teach themselves how to play these new games.  Evan has been reading a lot of the video game instructions and labels to himself; asking me to make sure he's right.

The boys watched quite a bit of TV too.  They watched a few episodes of Mythbusters learning about all kinds of great science experiments.  The boys even stayed up late last night watching their Simpsons special.  I had no idea that cherry bombs would continue to burn underwater!  We learned a lot about whips in their Indiana Jones special too this weekend.
Such a fun way to learn!


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