Viking Crafts and Other Subjects

Today was one of those amazing days where we worked hard, got everything done we wanted to and no one complained!

It's always refreshing to have one of those perfect homeschooling days where the work gets done, the kids were willing to work, and we all had fun.

Of course, the definition of a perfect homeschool day often varies but today sure felt like it was perfect! I had pulled out a few things for them each to work on and was amazed when we were all done an hour later.

Amazed because I felt like we did more work than usual and no one complained or dragged out their work!  We covered quite a bit today too!

 Evan completed all 7 pages that were left in his Phonics book. He knew we were headed to Target today to buy some gifts for the birthday parties we have lined up this weekend and he remembered that I had agreed to buy him a small Lego set when he finished his workbooks.  He was determined to finish and buy his set today.  He filled in all the words, read me the sentences and beamed over the fact that his book was done!

 He then asked to read Puppy Mudge Wants to Play.  

Alec wanted listen to some more Tom Sawyer on CD.  He asked if he could count that as reading and since he reads so much I had no issue with that.

Ian went to read Sequoia.  I know he read the whole thing; including the non- fiction page in the back because when I was reading the book to Evan later on Ian interjected some facts he remembered. Ian also worked on a page in his new spelling book.

Evan worked on a couple of pages with place value up to the 100's in his Star Wars math workbook and he thought they were so easy; he just loved them.

 Alec picked two pages in his math book working on area and multiplication skills.  He's so confident in his work that he often works in pen and marker.  I don't mind and he rarely makes mistakes for me to worry about.  I'm all for whatever works.  He finished up in about 10 minutes!

Ian's new books came in yesterday so he abandoned his fractions book and worked on three pages in his new Key To Measurements book.  He did great and thought it was pretty fun and easy.  He learned about non- standard measurements and made up a non standard measurement of his own-- watch length.  

We read Eric the Red and learned a bit more about the vikings.  While I was reading I asked the boys if they wanted to color and make either a viking ship or a viking mask.

 Ian worked on making a paper viking boat while Alec started coloring a viking mask.  We stopped part way through the book (after the third or fourth mention of a battle and a death) and I asked the boys if they now understood why I was having such a hard time finding a viking movie for them to watch.  They tend to be a little violent.  Alec (quite sarcastically responded) "A little?  Jeesh! They're always fighting and killing!"

Evan predicted where Eric the Red's boat would land and told us that he already knew vikings lived in Greenland.  I have no idea how he knew that.

We also talked about the Norse gods a bit and I reminded the boys of Odd and the Frost Giants that we read last winter.  Evan immediately started in on a discussion of Lotke and Thor and Odin.  I was glad to have them so involved in a discussion about a history story!

When we were done our viking book and craft I put in a movie called Families of Israel for them to watch while I made some quick lunches.  We first found Israel on the map and talked about what we thought their climate might be like.  The boys watched through lunch and we paused now and then to answer questions, ask questions, or even just clarify what was being said.  It's a good series of movies and we've enjoyed watching many of them.


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