Our Weekend Wrap-up

The whole family was working on projects, games, and activities all weekend long!

 I love that as a homeschooling mom I'm become more aware of all those "fun" activities we do that also count as schoolwork and learning.  

We all tried our hand at making woven pot holders using different colors and different patterns (art/math).

Alec put a lot more of his marble maze together; testing each part as he put it on (math/logic).

Evan worked on his Lego sets (math/building/ following directions).

We played a couple of games together as a family:

  • We played American Trivia (history/ geography)
  • Quirkle (math/ logic)
Ian being the big winner of both games!

The boys played video games inside their fort and watched a few TV shows (technology/ geography/ science).

Ian helped my both husband insulate the basement and his grandfather plow the driveway and roads after a small snow storm (life skills).

Ian had a friend over and all the kids played outside in the snowy/ slushy mess.  We went out to dinner with my whole family for my mom's birthday.  (socialization)

It was a great weekend and it just flew by.  It was nice to see everyone busy, engaged, and learning.


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