Daily Homeschool Schedule

Here is an outline of our daily homeschooling schedule:

6:30/7:00 all three boy woke, they watched TV for a bit, ate breakfast and got themselves all ready for karate.  I headed upstairs to workout and told them they needed to be ready to walk out the door at 9.  I double checked with everyone at 8:30 just to remind them we were leaving soon.  Having them be responsible for themselves (and each other) allowed me to get my own stuff done this morning! (life skills)

9-11:30 we went to karate and to run a few errands.  The boys had fun at karate even with Ian's injury.  Luckily it was minor and healed by the end of the class.  We restarted our book on CD and almost listened to an entire disk.  The boys seem to like Tom Sawyer but we do have to stop now and then so I can explain what is going on or what some of the words mean since they talk "funny."  We also had to stop periodically so Evan could tell us a new math fact "35- 10 is 25." (reading/ language arts and physical education) 

11:30- 12:45  the boys changed out of their karate gear, we all made our own lunches and we read Harry Potter. (reading)

12:45-- 2:45 I asked the boys to take care of their own schoolwork.  Ian and Alec played On A Roll and practiced adding and reducing fractions.  Evan worked on a worksheet where he had to circles two numbers that added to 10.  He told me he knew 10+0, 9+1, 8+2, 7+3, 6+4, and 5+5 equaled 10 so he thought the paper was easy (math).

Alec and Ian went to go read a book in their rooms while Evan played Starfall on the computer and practiced the "an," "at," "en," "et,""ig," "ip," "ot," "og," and "ug" family.  He asked me to read Biscuit Visits the Big City with him. (reading)

Ian asked me to play Scrambled States of America game with him while Alec worked on his watercolor painting. (geography and art)

 Evan finished up his Lego set. (math/ logic)

 The boys all asked me to request new books from our library for them so we went to our library's site and looked up books.  Alec needs the next books in all of his series-- Wings of Fire, Dragonbreath, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, Spirit Animals and I don't remember how many others.  Evan wanted some new Biscuit books and Ian wanted to find some books on Shaquille O'neal.

He kicked butt today

Mixing colors is serious business 
He was so proud of himself ! 
2:45-4:00  Free time.  With school out of the way and each boy having done at least three subjects I allowed them a bit of free time with screens as long as they all helped with housework too.  Evan put away his clothes and dusted the rooms upstairs.  Ian and Alec each vacuumed and dusted too.  I was busy doing laundry and cleaning too and I came down to find Ian "playing" on the computer.  He brought up design CAD and was building a tractor trailer truck using the tools my husband had shown him the other week.  He figured out how to make circles and went back to correct his drawing.  It was nice to see him taking the initiative to work on his own. (life skills/ technology)

The truck leaving the warehouse 


  1. I think you're such a GREAT mom for homeschooling! Unfortunately for me, I don't think I would have the patience for it!

    1. Aw, thank you! I never thought I'd have the patience for it either but I surprise myself.

  2. Thanks for sharing; I always love seeing how other homeschooling moms run their day!!! Have a great week.

    1. I do too and seeing this reminded me I should do another day in life/schedule post now that the boys are so much older.


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