Blame it on the Blizzard!

 I had all sorts of great plans circulating through my head and knew what I wanted to do today.  And then the news/ weather derailed it all this morning.

We were supposed to be getting quite the blizzard/ storm of the century/ snowpocalypse starting tonight but after finding out that the start time got moved up to mid morning our entire day shifted:  We turned to preparation.

We spent the morning baking and cooking easy to eat cold foods, stacking the wood pile inside and putting water bucket by our toilets.  We needed to be prepared to loose power.

The boys helped me prepare and asked why we do things one way and other people do things another way.  We talked about being prepared without panicking... we do live in New England and we're well equipped for snow.  We been through many blizzards and we're never shut in the house for more than 48 hours anyway.  We also discovered that the cat was completely out of food and so I offered to head to the library while we were already running errands anyway.  We wanted to stock up on some movies and all the boys came home with an impressive stack of books.

The boys watched a few episodes of Mythbusters (Evan even ended up watching a few of them twice since he was the first one up this morning).  

   By noon the boys were wearing on my nerves; between hyped up over the snow, being cooped up in the house, and just talking non-stop over each other and in circles around me from the moment my eyes opened this morning it was not shaping up to be a great day.  Blame it on the Blizzard! 

After lunch Ian started reading It's Disgusting and We Ate It! True Food Facts From Around the World and Throughout History.  He read three pages and asked if that was enough for today.  I guess he decided it was a good idea to get some schoolwork done.   He then asked for help with math and completed two more pages in his fractions book.  I asked him to do something for writing and reminded him starting next week he's going to add spelling to his math and reading.  He was a bit reluctant but asked if he could type something up on the computer instead.

He ended up making up list of all the things you need in a blizzard as well as some suggestions about how to pass the time away when you're stuck inside during a blizzard.  It was a pretty good list but I'm really glad we're starting spelling lessons soon!

I offered to read Harry Potter and we finished the chapter we were on.  Once we were done reading the younger two decided to tackle some schoolwork before finishing up their movie.

Evan did 6 pages in his Star Wars phonics book.  He really wants to be done with the book and loves getting extra pages done.  We went through and re-read all of the sight words he's worked on so far.  He then read all of the sentences in the 6 pages he had worked on.

 He moved onto his Star Wars math book-- grade 2!  He was excited to see his new book and new concepts being introduced.  He flipped through the book stopping here and there to ask me a few questions.  He ended up deciding on a page counting by 100's.  I wasn't aware that he knew how to count by 100's to 1,000's (or write the numbers to go with the words anyway) but he did awesome.  He also started counting by 200's and even tried counting by 300's.

He asked me to read a Biscuit book with him and he picked out Bathtime For Biscuit.  He did awesome and is so happy to have some more Biscuit books to read. I love when they do self- guided learning!! 

  Alec had spent most of his morning reading in his room and while we were driving around doing errands.  I also may have "lost' him for a bit in the library when he wandered off between the stack to read a few books and pick out a dozen or so that he wanted to take home. Knowing he had done all his reading, Alec dove right into his math work. He picked two pages in his 4th grade book and worked on labeling equilateral, isosceles, equilateral and right triangles.  Once he was done with that page he completed the one next to it too and wrote numbers in expanded form.

   After the schoolwork was done the boys finished watching their movie.

Ian wanted to head outside and I talked all the boys into getting some fresh air.  It was cold and it was snowing but I told them better today when it wasn't super windy and we were stick inside.  Plus I could tell they had plenty of energy to get out.  They were tacking each other, running around and yelling all day-- I blamed that on the blizzard too.


Once inside and warmed up by the wood stove, I made some cocoa for the younger boys and we played a bit more of our monopoly game we had started last night.  Alec had gotten a Pokemon Monopoly game for his birthday and after a lot of begging by Evan they finally settled in to play last night.

They asked me to play too and I marveled over Evan's math skills the whole time!  When he lands on spaces for buying property he immediately pulls out the correct amounts he needs.  He's having no difficulty remembering how to add a 20 to a 5 and a 1 to make 26 (I can't say dollars because you don't pay in money in this Monopoly game) for rent.  I'm floored!  He's adding up all the rolls of his dice, making change with some help and prompting-- it's amazing!


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