A Day Off? It Still Counts!

Knowing we were going to take today off from school we had a very laid back morning around here.  It's funny that even on days off I can see so much learning happening.  It's nice to know that I don't always have to plan lessons for the boys.  I know if I just sit back and watch I'll see them covering all sorts of wonderful topics on their own.

I am lucky enough that in our state we do not have to count our school days. The one year I was asked to fill out paperwork I listed that we'd be learning 365 days a year.  Because I know that my boys are always learning.  We try to keep active, we have interesting conversations and we're always trying new things.

As long as you can see learning happening and point to some specific skills worked on, I don't see why days off can't count towards homeschooling hours or days.  However, make sure you check with your state guidelines just to be safe.

Here is what my kids might learn on a typical day off from school:

Alec brought the CD player and the book on CD into into his room and listened to some more of Tom Sawyer while lying in bed (reading/ language arts).  

Ian chose to put together his new mega blocks set that he bought himself with his Christmas money (math/ building).

Evan went right for the Wii U and started playing his Lego Movie game (technology lessons).

 Ian offered to cook breakfast for everyone.  He scrambled up some eggs while Alec sliced some croissants and Evan set the table (life skills and cooperation). 

 When they were done we started the dishwasher and the boys washed the table, swept the floor, and took out the garbage.  They all got themselves ready for the day, cleaned their rooms, and Evan put away his laundry (life skills).

 They quickly packed up their own lunches and Alec brought his CD player downstairs with him to listen while he made his lunch.  We cleaned up and got ready to go as soon as all the lunches were packed (life skills and language arts).

   The boys brought Kindles and DS's in the car and to my grandmothers.  Ian spent a bit of time showing her his Minecraft world and teaching her about all the different components.  They explained how they melt sand to make glass, smelt iron to make tools and use bricks to build a forge.  They explained survival mode versus creative mode and I could tell she was impressed by all that they could do.  We visit for an hour and a half and the boys had a great time talking with her.  They didn't even get annoyed when she forgot their names and started asking them how old they were, what grade they were in, and other basic questions like that.  They're super sweet and helpful with her (technology/ Social Skills/ Science).

   We had around 30 homeschooled children at gym day today.  The boys had so much fun playing indoor soccer.  The kids broke into two teams (and stopped now and then to reassign teams) and had a great time playing.  They were running and kicking and taking turns in the goal as goalie. (physical education and socialization)  

Alec had brought his Warriors book to read in the car and spent our time in the car reading as well as the half- hour we were at our local library too. (language arts) 


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