Oreo Christmas bark and More Holiday Fun

During the holidays we always try to balance our traditional schoolwork with lots of fun holiday activities.  We watch holiday movies, read Christmas books, and include a lot of baking and craft projects.  As soon as we finished our schoolwork today we dove right into some baking.  I love having the kids help out in the kitchen; it teaches them so much!

Today we  read The Legend of the Candy Cane  and The Story of Holly and Ivy.  We learned about the history and story behind the candy cane.  I was surprised the boys enjoyed The Story of Holly and Ivy as much as they did since it's a story about an orphaned girl and a little doll but they did seem to like it.

Holiday Baking:  After lunch Ian begged to go play outside while the younger two offered to help me in the kitchen.  We had made some soft gingerbread cookies the other day (from a mix) and today we melted white Almond bark.  We dunked our gingerbread cookies in it (only half way).  We set them to dry on some wax paper and sprinkled them with sprinkles.  The boys loved it and had so much fun helping out.  Of course we ate any that broke.

We also made some Holiday Oreo Bark (here is the recipe):
  • Melted Almond bark 
  • Oreo cookies; holiday or regular, broken into bite sized pieces 
  • Holiday M and M's 
  • Mini pretzels; also broken into bite sized pieces  
  • Holiday sprinkles (optional)
We spread wax paper over a cookie sheet, poured the melted almond bark onto it and spread it evenly.  
We then sprinkled the crushed Oreo cookies, M&M's, and pretzels over the whole thing. The boys had lots of fun breaking the Oreo cookies and pretzels into bite size pieces.  They help melt and stir the bark and sprinkled everything we made today with colorful holiday sprinkles.  

Once we had everything sprinkled over the bark fairly evenly we set it aside to harden.  Once cooled and hardened we broke off random pieces and stacked them in a tin.  

Once our school day was over we snuggled on the couch and watched Jack Frost together in front of the fireplace.  Another wonderful day chock full of memories.

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  1. Kids add so much to the enjoyment of the holidays. This will be our first year with a grandchild, but I'm really looking forward to when she is older and we can do things like this together.


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