Gifts from the Kitchen

 We always make a lot of gifts through the Christmas season and many of them come from our kitchen.  We'll still be making plenty of cookies and baked goods, as usual, but his year we also decided to branch out into sugar scrubs, lip balms, and lotions too.

We whipped up a few different batches of sugar scrubs and lip balms today as part of our schooling as well as covering the usual topics too.

Evan had noticed a different version of giant snowflakes at the gas station yesterday and remarked that he wondered how they had made them.  I told him we could make them ourselves and then he'd see.  So, while all the boys were hard at work at the kitchen table I sat and cut enough papers out to make 7 giant snowflakes.  We had only planned on making one each that would give me 4 beautiful snowflakes to hang in my four large windows but the boys liked them so much they wanted to make an extra one to put on each of their doors.

Making his snowflake 

One of the completed ones 
We gathered together to experiment with making lip balms and sugar scrubs.

The boys had some suggestions for flavors and varieties that I hand't thought to try.  They wanted to try a bit of everything we made.

We put the lip glosses in the fridge to harden them up and I explained that most oils have a point at which they become solid and a temperature at which they become a liquid.  For lip balms we want the temperature to be colder so they'd be more firm and no to soupy.

They had never used sugar scrubs before and were curious about how they worked.  I had them each try out a handful of each kind that we made.  They LOVED them and eagerly asked me to save some for us.  Ian thought we should start making them up, jarring them and selling them at local craft fairs and things (always my entrepreneur!).

Putting the containers back together 

Filling the lip gloss containers 

Mixing up sugar scrubs 

our completed batches of scrubs 

our completed glosses 
After lunch we watched The Santa Claus 3: The Escape Clause.  I just love Christmas time and spending relaxing days with my boys.


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