It's Science Fair Day!

We headed to the library for our science fair and the boys had a great time.  

We got everything all set and they went to wander the room.  We didn't have as many exhibitors as in years past but we still made the most of it.  

Evan's sea turtle display, sea turtle cupcakes, and sea turtle puppet craft 
Alec compared sea otters to river otters this year and brought along a few coloring pages and some gunny fish for snack 
Alec participated the most making a numbat drawing, a lion plate, filling out a magnet questionnaire as he tested out the effectiveness of magnets on various materials.  I often found him standing in front of various boards reading.  

I walked around with Evan for a bit looking at boards together and asking questions.  Ian was pulled along to the owl display by the little girl who had worked so very hard on it and was proudly showing it off.  She taught him a lot about owls and he patiently, kindly stood there and listened. 

Animal display reporting on different animals.  Her snack was
animals crackers and her "hands-on" was some how to draw animal books

Komodo Dragon report

Komodo dragon nest treats

Report on fossils with lots of concrete fossil displays

fossil footprint peanut butter cookies

All about magnets

Learning about rocks and minerals; a fun brownie excavation activity went along with his display

A close up of his board

Learning about types of clouds.  The kids could
make clouds and eat meringue cloud cookies

Experimenting with magnets

This emerald tree boa set up allowed kids to make
their own snake windmill/ sock.  Mostly Evan just
loved the gummy worms. 

Here's Ian learning all about the owls

We weren't the only ones to make cupcake creatures and these owls were a huge hit!

A close up of the owl display

Alec making some animal drawings

Alec made himself a candy circuit snack

Ian mined the brownies looking for various elements

More fun with magnets
Ian's mining excavation paper-- I loved that they assigned rock names
to all the types of candy and food findings inside the brownie

Alec's numbat drawing

The owl hand puppet Alec brought home from the owl report


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