How Our Homeschool Days Flow From One Subject to the Next

I was not motivated to do ANYTHING today.  It's another rainy day and I just wanted to crawl into bed, under the covers and sleep.  The boys just wanted to play video games and watch TV.

Ian was busy playing with Lego's and asked if he could watch some Popular Mechanics for kids movies.  I thought that sounded great and loved that he's interested in science.

Alec has been doing some science on his own lately too.  He had gathered up bags upon bags of acorns and set them aside in his room.  The steam that the acorns produced being closed up in the bag after being gathered on a warm, moist day has caused them to start sprouting.

We can see the beginnings of roots poking out of the acorns.  He has been checking on them, opening up the bags and feeling them and is currently deciding what he wants to do with them.  It's pretty neat.

Ian cooked his own breakfast this morning while I was upstairs getting ready for the day and doing laundry.  He fried up two eggs and made himself an egg sandwich.  He has made scrambled eggs before and I've watched him make egg sandwiches before so this wasn't a huge feat but what I did find amazing was that he did all of this without my knowledge, without help, and even cleaned up the whole kitchen after himself when he was done.

His dishes were in the dishwasher and everything!!

If I hadn't watched him eating his sandwich I don't think I would have believed him! 
Once everyone was done breakfast I asked all the boys if they wanted to do a fun math/ craft activity.

I poured out all our pattern blocks and told them to create a pattern on paper using the blocks and then they could capture their image permanently by replacing blocks with the pattern block stickers I had bought.

They had a great time and made several different pictures before settling on one design each.  Alec and Evan made a lot of Mario characters, flowers and images before deciding on some animals.

Evan made a turtle, Alec made a snail, and Ian made a whole scene of the sun and a river with construction equipment just beyond. 

Hard at work

I love to watch them work

Evan's turtle

Ian's river and equipment

Alec's snail

As they were finishing up with the stickers I offered to read from our Harry Potter book and we read another chapter and a half.  This is a long book and I remember thinking that the Order of the Phoenix was a slow moving book way back when I read it.  I think the boys aren't as enthused about listening to this book but they really want to make it to the next book so we're taking it slow and reading a few pages here and there as they want to sit and listen. 

The mailman arrived and dropped off several packages.

The boys eagerly tore through everything to see what had come in.  The boys love going through and pulling out all the air filled packing materials.

Before anyone could even start fighting over it Alec offered to count them up and sort them into three equal groups.  He told me there were 21 and that meant everyone would get 7.  Amazing how quickly he can divide when it's important to him! 

Ian went onto our library's website and requested some more movies and books.  He was bummed that many of the movies he wanted to request weren't available.  I was excited that he was spelling Mighty Machines without needing any corrections!

He had come downstairs with his wallet and counted up all his money this morning asking me to take him to the bank to make a deposit.  Unfortunately we didn't make it there today and so he asked if it would be okay for him to place an order on Amazon for the movies he wanted using that money.   He went to Amazon to see how much they would cost.

He added everything he wanted to his cart and with my say so placed the order.  He had spent $32 dollars and when he handed me $40 I asked if he needed change.  Without even seeming to think about it he replied that he would need $8 back.  I then asked how much he had left to deposit in the bank.

Such wonderful real- life math lessons are much more meaningful than any lesson I could have pulled out of his math book today.

I came downstairs to find Alec with his nose buried in a book.  He checked the book Jedi Academy out of the library yesterday afternoon and stayed up late in bed reading.


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