Buttonwood Farm Corn Maze; A Field Trip the Day after We Got Home from Vacation

So I might be the only mom crazy enough to sign up for a homeschool field trip the day after coming home from a vacation but I'm so glad I did.

The boys and I had an amazing time at Buttonwood Farm going through the corn maze, playing on the hay bale mountain, playing in the corn crib, watching the animals, and feeding the cows.

We met TONS of new homeschoolers too. I'm always amazed at all the new faces we continually bump into.  Ian met a family that is moving to Hawaii and talked to the girls all about their fears and excitement of moving.

Going through the maze we stopped at 10 signs and read off trivia questions and answers that led us through the maze in the right direction.  The signs were all about sea animals so it was no surprise that Alec knew all the correct answers.

Ian usually didn't even wait for us to read or answer the question and seemed to just know his way through the maze.  He has an uncanny sense of direction!

Going through the maze
Answering trivia questions
We looked through the pumpkin patch and saw different colored pumpkins, talked about why they were different colors and pointed out the flowers found throughout.  We talked about male and female flowers and how to tell where a pumpkin will grow.

Looking out over the pumpkin patch
Pumpkin flowers

 Ian pointed out all the brands of the tractors and equipment we saw all around the farm and learned a few new ones too.

Ian's favorite part of the trip... the equipment
The boys fed grass to the cows and talked about the texture of their tongues, the shapes of their eyes, ears and hooves.  We remarked on the amount of families that showed up today and Ian counted the cars, estimating how many people were in each and trying to guess at how many actually showed up.

Feeding the cows

Look at all those cars!
They had so much fun playing in the corn crib and on the hay bales that they had corn and hay EVERYWHERE by the time we left.  They laughed, ran, and used their imagination to play games with one another.

We ended our day with a stop over at the ice cream stand and all three of my boys asked to try a sample of a new ice cream flavor.  Alec tried white chocolate, Evan tried cookie dough and Ian tried brownie nut fudge.  Alec and Evan settled on cookies and cream but at least they tried something new.
Yummy snacks

Fueling up before playing around
After eating ice cream they played chase and lots of other made up games with their friends for quite a long time.  They watched the cows and explored the entire area where we were sitting.

It was a great day and such a fun way to ease back into homeschooling after being gone from home for a week.


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