Blow Darts and Throwing Stars Were the Highlight of our Day

After breakfast they pulled out Ian's blow darts again and continued their game from last night.

The higher the numbers were getting, the harder the older two boys worked to keep track of all the scores.  They added two and three digit numbers together in their heads and checked with one another to make sure they were getting the same answers.

They only wrote down each score as they figured it out so they could use less paper and have more rounds of dart fun.  They both add a different way and they really had to work on adding quietly in their heads since they were messing each other up when they were adding out loud.

 If there was a dispute they'd come to me to settle it, but they rarely had any disputes.  Ian kept figuring out how many points he needed to try and get in order to reclaim the lead from Alec too.

I love how much math they incorporated into their game playing!

Alec really mastered the ability to cluster his darts

Once the boys were all dressed and ready for the day I reminded them about their schoolwork.

Evan came down and sat at the table eager to get started in his new Star Wars Workbooks.  He did two pages in the 1st grade math book and 1 page in the kindergarten Phonics and ABC book..  He told me that it was so fast and so easy that he wanted to do a page in each book everyday!

While Evan was working on his pages the older two boys were reading quietly to themselves together in Ian's room.  Alec really wanted to finish up his last few pages in his Secret Zoo book and Ian read a book called Where the Big Fish Are. He's really enjoying reading about fish lately and I'm so relieved since we just can't seem to find any other books about construction trucks.  Seriously, I think he's read them ALL!

When Alec came downstairs he asked me to go to the library's webpage and request the next book in the series.  He was so bummed he was going to have to wait for it to come in.  Both boys added the titles to their summer reading list and argued that they did writing and reading for school today.   

Ian was reluctant to do math today so I offered to pull a page out of the 4th grade math book for review.  I know we skipped some skills last year since we were so focused on multiplication and division so I had bought a 4th grade book to have as backup.  We stopped on a page about rounding and while I was asking Ian what he remembered about rounding Alec wandered over to listen and started asking questions.  I sent Ian away for a bit while Alec and I talked through some of the problems.  He was easily able to answer all the ones I pointed to.

Ian happily settled down to do his page and was so amazed he got them all right.  He kept insisting he's never gotten all the problems right on a math page before.  Alec finished up his page very quickly too and also go them all right.  I guess they know how to round numbers!
We headed out to get some errands done and listened to a lot more of our Percy Jackson book.
Once home we ate lunch and I read another chapter in Harry Potter.

The older boys headed out to karate in the afternoon.

They got to spar using their sparring gear and then they cleaned up the class early and they could choose between throwing stars or blow darts for projectile weapons practice.

Ian chose blow darts and Alec chose throwing stars.

 Lucky for me Ian was one of the first ones using blow darts so I could snap a few pictures of him and made it outside in time to still watch Alec try the throwing stars.  They both did well and had lots of fun.

We came home for a fairly quick dinner of leftovers and then the older boys headed out with their dad on a bike ride around the whole lake.  Once home Ian went swimming with my husband to cool off and get even more exercise.  The poor kid was complaining about aching muscles by the time he went to bed but he had so much fun. 

 Evan spent his evening outside and found ducks, frogs, a turtle and lots of bugs to inspect.  When Alec got back from his bike ride he joined Evan next door and they played until bedtime.  Just another day in the life I guess.


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