St. Patrick's Day School

Even though it's St. Patrick's day we aren't going to take the day off from school.... so I thought we'd plan a fun day of learning activities around the holiday!

After a fun morning hike we made our own Shamrock Shakes.  We followed this recipe.  They were super easy to make and very delicious.  The boys helped me measure and prepare our snack.  They were really excited when I pulled out the whipped cream and sprinkles.

The boys decided to start their day with writing.  I was pretty surprised because they HATE writing.

We wrote about what we would do if we found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

Since Evan only wrote a few words on his paper he was the first one to start math.  He had a 100's chart activity.

 I saw this adorable pot of gold idea and tried to think of a fun way I could do it at home and decided that I would cut gold coins out of paper and write the numbers on them.  I thought this was adorable and would be fun.  We had a little green bowl and I told Evan that as he pulled each coin out of the bowl he had to identify the number and color it in on his 100's chart.

The older boys had their math minutes and they both cheered when Alec passed his 4 times tables.  They then went to work on a brain teaser.  I warned them that this was going to be tricky and they'd probably have to erase several times.

 I explained that brain teasers are not usually easy to figure out because we have to think outside the box.  Ian decided to get a scrap piece of paper and write all the numbers from 1-9 on it; cut it up and then move them around as needed.

  In under 5 minutes he solved the puzzle and told me it "was easy."  Once Ian was finished he gave Alec his little squares of paper and in no time Alec was able to solve his brain teaser as well.

all finished

We read Jamie O'Rourke and the Big Potato by Tomie DePaola and we started a new chapter book called The St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Mystery.  We always love Tomie DePaola's books and so far we are enjoying the mystery book.  We ended up reading three chapters. 

We finished our day with a fun art project.  

We used our hands and green paint to make four leaf covers.  I have plans to turn these into a writing project for tomorrow (May God help me; I'm going to ask them to write twice in one week!).  For today they had fun painting their hands and feeling the slimy finger paints on their hands. 


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