6 Disney scrapbook pages

I finished up my last Disney page from our 2012 trip this afternoon and I am so happy that I am done!

I really like the way the majority of my pages came out and I love how much I've been learning about my Cricut.  I have read many books and magazines about the Cricut but I find that, for me, the best way to learn is to experiment with it.  I took some photos of these final pages but I must warn you; the pictures are pretty awful.  I was so disappointed in how they came out since the pages look pretty amazing but we've had lots of dark dreary weather here lately and I had to rely on a variety of lighting and the camera flash (neither one of which I find works well on photographs!).

Snacking at Disney
My boys love getting sugar sticks at Disney.  On this particular trip they actually got a few and colored their teeth and mouths so much so that they created quite a stir at a parade!  I had to scrap these memories but I wanted to keep it very simple.  I mounted the photos onto some blue paper and arranged them horizontally across my printed background paper.  I took a small strip of yellow paper and then using my From My Kitchen cartridge I cut out the word candy in blue and backed it with a lighter shade of yellow paper.  

Maharajah Jungle Trek
Using the Animal Kingdom cartridge I cut out a large bright blue title and added a few embellishments to the title using my markers.  I cut out the tiger using the "Flip" button.  Once the tiger was all cut out I added some details with the markers I also added some shading using a sponge and my mustard colored stamp pad. I then played around with how I wanted my photos arranged and ended up mounting them on both the burgundy and the blue paper.  I felt like I needed to balance the yellow of the tiger so I added a strip of the same color paper under my title. 

Hollywood Boulevard Dancing

We were lucky enough to be at Hollywood Studios on a day that they were shooting a live flash mob scene.  While I refused to move from our prime parade viewing spots (front row on the curb) I encouraged the rest of the family to join in while I saved our spots.  They had so much fun and I had a great time snapping pictures.  For this page I mounted the pictures on dark red paper and left a large journaling spot.  I cut out the title and the six small stars using my George and Basic shape cartridge and then adhered everything to a light blue and red starry paper.  Easy peasy! 

I really struggled with this parade page.  I still don't love it but I was happy enough with it by the time I declared it done.  I had a lot of pictures I was trying to incorporate onto the page and I cut them out in various sized ovals and circles and then mounted them on yellow paper.  I then played around and around and around trying to get all the circles and ovals to fit.  I struggled a bit and ultimately ended with this layout.  I found the stickers in my stash of embellishments and then added the title that I cut out from the Cricut.  

Disney's Celebrate Parade-- we caused quite a stir with bright blue teeth and tongue!
I had a really hard time with this two page spread; mostly because I was trying to cut out six different figures using the Cricut and it took me forever! (as you see I ended up deciding not to finish the last two!).  I cut Mickey, Minnie and Chip from the Mickey and friends cartridge (and I can tell you that all of these characters were cut at a size 3).  I really wanted to draw attention to the photo of my son and Drizella but I don't have any embellishments of the ugly stepsisters, just Cinderella.  I finally decided to take the Snow White image and modify it slightly.  It still looks a bit more like Snow White than I would like, but that's OK.   I used a corner rounding punch to round all the corners of my photos and the mattes then I adhered it all to my two pages leaving a space in the middle for my Celebrate! title that I cut using the Plantin cartridge.

  My final page was our Phineas and Ferb meet and greet page.  I was stumped as to what to do since there aren't any Phineas and Ferb embellishments or anything anywhere!  I finally settled on a giant tree.  I used my "Just Because" Cricut cartridge for the tree and after a few attempts found a size I liked (this was a size 5).  I  mounted my photos on purple paper, tucked a large blue circle behind them and adhered the tree on top of the circle.  Using my SpongeBob cartridge I cut the title Out of white paper and used my marker to add some color to it.  I thought it was perfect that it looked like a cloud and sun and fit in nicely with the tree but it was also fitting that the Phineas often says "this was the best____ ever!"  (I know because I looked up catch phrases for Phineas and Ferb!)
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