The Benefits of Playing Board Games

We packed lunches and headed out to our homeschool game day.   I love playing board games with my children and I love that our local homeschool group sets up a few days for families to bring board games to play together.

The boys learn so much from playing games; even old, favorite, often played games. Things like:
  • Building memory skills
  • Developing problem solving skills
  • Learning new games develops new areas of the brain
  • Laughter and reducing stress
  • Increases communication skills
  • Builds fine motor skills
  • Children often have to plan ahead when playing board games
  • Building math skills like adding up scores
  • Making decisions and learning consequences
  • teamwork, sportsmanship, and turn taking
  • Compassion 
Just to name a few!

We listened to Around the World in 80 Days and started some new Boxcar Children books audiobooks while we were in the car adding some language arts into our day.

Once at game day we met some new friends, got reacquainted with some "old" friends and got to try out a lot of new games.

Ian's new favorite was Qbitz and Alec just loved Mastermind and was really upset we had to leave before he got a chance to play Mancala.  The boys also played some favorite games from home.  Evan taught several people how to play Sorry Sliders and I always like watching them give instructions.   Evan was even nice enough to give many of the new players a chance to do their moves over since "he's just learning."  It was kind and very sweet of him to understand that it takes time to learn how to play some games.

After game day we stopped in visit my husband's great aunt and we spent a nice afternoon playing the card game war and helping her put a jigsaw puzzle together.

All in all we had a great day with a lot of games and lots of learning.

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  1. I am the mancala master of this household. Jon has beaten me once in 10 years. I know I suck at words with friends but if the kids needs a mancala challenge, I'm all over that!

  2. I'm like that with Connect 4-- no one will play me anymore.

  3. I've never played Q-bitz. It looks fun! We love board games at our house. Our favorites are anything to do with Rummy. I love Scrabble. Card games like Skip-Bo are fun as well. We play a Domino game called Chicken Scratch too.

    1. Q- Bitz is a lot of fun.. but no one in the house will play with me anymore. I have an uncanny knack for seeing the patterns. We're just starting a 30 day gameschooling challenge and we've been playing so many games!

  4. we love board games as well. One of our fave is New Yorkopoly :)

    1. It's a lot of fun and a great way to teach so many lessons to the kids.

  5. Truly glad to learn how homeschool groups are using board games as a teaching tool as I tried to start dialog about this on Facebook & it went nowhere.


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