Sled Dog Books

We had a shortened day of school since this morning found all three boys playing so well together!  They were playing, writing, and problem solving so I just let them be until they all came to me looking for some ideas of what to do.

 Ian and Alec worked on a winter vocabulary crossword puzzle.  It was, I think, a fun way for them to work on reading, spelling, and, of course, vocabulary.

Evan was working on a sight word sheet with our magnetic letters. We finally read all the words on the sheet together.  He told me each of the letters he needed (though he still struggled with h and f so I think we'll play some more alphabet games to reinforce those a bit) and set to work finding them on our refrigerator.  He put them in order on his paper and then I asked him to spell them for me and read them one more time.  He struggled and struggled and finally I just let him go play.

searching for letters

Our completed language arts papers
He picked out a book to read to me and, while we had read this one before it had been months since we picked it up.  He read the whole book from beginning to end without a single mistake!

We took a short break from school and then I read our stories for the day.

Today all of our books are about sled dogs!

We read Togo, The Littlest Sled Dog, Painter and Ugly, and Sled Dogs Run.

Wonderful sled god/Iditarod books!
We know quite a bit about sled dogs already from our Alaska study last year and our watching of shows like Yukon men where they race, raise and use sled dogs.  I thought the boys would enjoy these books just the same.

Most of the books had maps of the Iditarod track or an illustrated drawing of all the parts of a sled which we looked at.  We also talked about who was "speaking" in the story and I talked to them about first person and third person stories.  We learned some more history too as we read about a dog, Togo, who was the front runner of Balto and the delivery of the serum in Alaska. The boys loved these books and they led to many discussions.

Other sled dog books:

1.  Storm run; the story of the first woman to win the Iditarod.


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  1. Great post, I will definitely be following your blog #MarvMondays x

  2. Thanks for sharing these books, I've not come across any of them before and think they look like great, educational reads. Definitely books I'll look out for the next time we're at our local library. Great post, thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

    1. I'm so glad you liked them; thanks for stopping by.

  3. Sled dogs would be a great topic for us - we have a TON of snow here! Truthfully I don't know much about dogsledding, I think it would be a great topic to learn about. There is an old movie (like from the 90s!) about dog sledding - I think it was called Iron Will. I remember loving it as a teenager.

    1. There are a couple of great movies out there about sled dogs (Iron Will, Eight Below, Snow Dog, and a cartoon Balto). My oldest son watches the show Yukon Men and many of the people participate in sled dog races so that's kind of what got us started on this unit.

  4. These books look great and I’m sure they’d be a big hit in our house. Thank you for joining #FamilyFunLinky x


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