Learning in the Car

What a crazy day! We had so may errands and spent much of our day running around.

On days when we have to spend a lot of time in the car I look for ways that we can squeeze in learning activities on the go.

Often we'll:
  1. Listen to an audiobook
  2. Watch a movie on our portable DVD player
  3. Bring activity books like dot to dot books or mad libs to work on while driving
  4. Use worksheets, clipboard, and a pencil to complete work in the car
  5. Rely on life lessons; dealing with cashiers, adding up our purchases, comparing prices, navigating our way around, etc.
  6. Play educational games on the Kindles/ Nintendo DS 
  7. Bring along picture book for the older boys to take turns reading

Today the boys were all up and ready early so we headed to the grocery store.  We listened to the Boxcar Children's Caboose Mystery  while driving in the car.    At the grocery store they helped me, like usual, with Ian pushing the second cart and Alec and Evan reading the list and crossing the items off for me.  We were in and out in record time! (reading/ language arts and life skills)
When heading out for yet another errand we brought my laptop in the car and watched Joey.  An adorable movie set in Australia it's about a boy who helps a lost baby kangaroo named Joey find his parents after they have been captured.  The boys really enjoyed it. (geography)

They may be small and simple lessons but I truly believe that all the little lessons add up over time.

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