I'll Be Home for Christmas

Today our Christmas movie is  I'll Be Home For Christmas.  It's a "new" movie for the boys this Christmas.  We've been having so much fun planning our homeschooling days around Christmas movies.

We ended our day with our feature film and they just LOVED it!   Since this movie is about a boy trying to make it cross country to be with his family on Christmas we just decided to theme our day after Christmas!  It was so easy and fun!

I'll Be Home For Christmas

We read On Christmas Eve and The Best Christmas Present of All.  These were two touching and moving stories and we enjoyed them very much.  As soon as we finished our stories we dove right into our math work.

The older boys had one more plot the grid sheets and today they made a Christmas tree.  Ian found this to be pretty easy and remembered right away how to do it.  While the older two boys worked on their sheets, Evan was working on a 100's chart hidden picture.  He followed the directions and colored in a very nice Christmas tree.

 For reading today Evan had to match the color words on the Christmas tree with the colors of the ornament balls.  The balls were pretty small so I cut them out for him and he just had to read, match and glue them in place.

The older two boys had a worksheet (that I got from this wonderful packet at The Moffatt Girls),  they had to color in the stocking with adjectives one color and the stockings with verbs on them another color.  They found this to be pretty easy and only made a mistake or two.  I was pretty surprised, because other than Mad Libs we don't ever talk about parts of speech. 

As they were finishing up language arts I was preparing our craft project for the day.  Our windows are still pretty bare and I just love to decorate them.  Something about colors in the window make it so festive!

I found this cute stained glass window tree and knew we had to make them!   I cut out some simple tree outlines in black, attached them to clear contact paper (with sticky sides facing up) and handed the boys a tray of green tissue paper (in multiple colors-- they especially liked the ones that had some sparkling confetti in it!), a few circles of blue, orange and red tissue paper for the tree decorations and just told them to make sure they put any of the decorations down first and then cover with the green.  They came out amazing!  I just love them and they were fun to make too (I made a few also since three kids don't typically make enough to fill up all the windows!). 

all of them together-- the snow in the background just made it
even better.
Once the trees were decorated we cut them out and put them in our windows.  We settled down to watch the movie and although I had a fun snack craft planned the boys just wanted some plain old popcorn with butter so that's what we did!

It would have been fun to make these fun Oreo Santa's though.


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