Rainy Day Fun Making Apple Window Decorations

It was gray, cool and rainy here yesterday.

 I told the boys they could watch movies while we worked on our art project of the day.  They picked Call of the Wild, but Ian was the only one who ended up watching the whole thing.  I can't blame the younger two boys, I thought it was a bit boring too and kind of graphic for my animal lover. 
Our art project was lots of fun though!

We made some lovely apples to add to our fall window displays.

I cut out a large outline of an apple (or several apples actually) and then we laid each of the cutouts over a large piece of contact paper.

We placed the apples sticky side up in front of ourselves and covered the contact paper with colored bits of tissue paper and/ or pieces of colored c-thru plastic three ring binder dividers.  (I had picked up several packages of these three ring binder dividers at the dollar store and we cut them up to use on various craft projects!)  We love that they're see through yet colorful.

 I LOVE how these apples turned out!  And I just love an art project that makes little to no mess; it's a win/win!!

I just wish the boys had wanted to make more of them... I would have put them up in every room of our house.  So pretty! 
apples with colored plastic

our apples and leaves togehter

apples with tissue paper

Hard at work making apples


  1. Cute! I can see my daughter loving this. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.


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