Halloween Celebrations with our Homeschool Group

We had a Halloween party planned with our homeschooling group today.  We were each asked to bring an activity and a healthy treat to share.  The kids all wore their costumes and my boys were so excited all morning long!

We made an adorable monster fruit salad to bring to our homeschool Halloween party (and I'm not trying to toot my horn by saying it was a huge hit at the party!).

Our Monster fruit salad was so easy to make.  We carved a giant hole with teeth at the bottom of the melon, scooped out the melon & cut up all the fruit.  We spooned the fruit so it was coming out of the mouth and used toothpicks, ornage slices, and 1/2 grapes to make the eyes. 

We packed up some art supplies, paper goods, and treats, donned our costumes and headed out.

The boys played musical chairs, limbo, pass, bowling, and had fun running and playing.  We had a huge turn out for our party and the boys met a few more homeschoolers.  They played with moon sand and made a few craft projects-- Ian's skull drawings came out amazing!  We were reluctant to leave, we were having so much fun.
the craft table

A group shot-- look at all the amazing costumes (many moms and
kids made theirs)

musical chairs

getting down to a final few

Moon sand was a big draw for all the kids

eyeball/ spoon race!  (just like an egg race but with small eyeballs
one mom managed to find!)

How low can you go?

Find directions and templates here for this project

our completed skulls

We ate a quick dinner, got back into our costumes and headed out for what I was hoping would be a great, fun night!  We were heading to a Halloween laser light show.  We went last year and loved it.

The boys saw so many of their friends, listened to some fun and funky Halloween music and watched all the neat Halloween images projected onto the screen.

Perfect way to end the day!

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