Falloween at the Aquarium

The Aquarium was celebrating Halloween and fall with their Falloween celebration and we decided to take a family trip yesterday to see what it was all about.

With having trick or treated at the zoo twice last week, having attended our homeschool Halloween party, and having had a costume party Saturday night the boys were pretty costumed out.  Ian decided not to wear any costume at all.  Alec wore his costume suit without the mask and Evan ended up wearing his whole costume for the entire day... I had to ask him to remove his gloves and mask for lunch even! 
Filling out scavenger hunt forms
decorating trick or treat bags
We had a great day at the aquarium.  All of the exhibits were decorated and decked out.  The kids got a real kick of seeing skeletons in the Piranha tank, gravestones in the Amazon exhibit, and jack o lanterns all around.

They participated in a scavenger hunt (though my kids knew all the answers and didn't have to hunt around at all!), they made trick or treat bags, watched a very neat juggling show and got to use the remote control boats in the water.  We watched an all new pirate themed sea lion show.  We learned that if you turn on Pandora and hold your phone up to the glass the Beluga whales will come over to investigate and "dance."  It was very cool!

pirate sea lion show
Ian got to pet the sting rays and we watched divers carving pumpkins underwater.  They carved a pumpkin in the shark tank and then two other divers carved pumpkins in one of the fish tanks.  The fish loved the pumpkin and went crazy for it!  Alec made a friend and they kept comparing notes and facts about sting rays, rays and sharks.  It was great to see he's not alone in all this animal trivia he knows at such a young age. 

divers carve pumpkins

the kids loved watching all the fish swimming so near

all decorated for Halloween

The whales listen to music
Love this picture!!
watching the sea lion feeding and training


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