Deja Vu! Back at the Zoo

We experienced a bit of Deja Vu today as we headed back to Southwick's zoo for the second day in a row.  (You can read about yesterday's trip here).

My sister was planning on taking her boys and my boys wanted to see their cousins.  We had agreed to all go together last Wednesday but looking at the forecast earlier in the week my boys and I decided to go while the weather was nice.

Luckily the rain held off for today and so I told my boys if they'd like to go again I'd take them.  They dressed in different Halloween costumes-- Evan wore his Harry Potter costume from last year, Ian dressed as a rock star (a costume he used several years ago) and Alec decided to wear his Red Panda costume but instead of using his mask we painted his face.

 It was COLD!

We still had a great time though.  Many of the animals we saw yesterday were already gone off exhibit and many others were hiding out from the cold inside their burrows and homes, but the boys didn't care.

They ran, yelled, climbed and spent a large portion of the day on the playground.  We walked around the zoo a few times and saw most of the animals.

We heard the lions chuffing, watched a mommy kangaroo hop around with a joey in her pouch, and listened to the white handed gibbons.  We watched many different monkey families swinging around, prairie dogs digging tunnels, and all the big cats moving around in their cages.

We fed the deer in the deer forest and "pet" a turtle.



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