Benefits We've Found In Taking Karate Lessons

Alec has been taking karate lessons and after watching a few classes the other two boys decided they wanted to take karate too.  I was thrilled because even though we've only been at this for two short weeks I already see so many benefits to taking these classes.

1.  I see a new confidence in the way Alec carries and presents himself already!

2.  They are learning about respect and obedience as well as the other 6 tenants of Tang Soo Do:  Integrity, Concentration, Perseverance, Self- Control, Humility, and Indominable Spirit.  All of which are wonderful life skills.  These tenants are talked about often and put into practice during class.

3.  They are learning a foreign language! Much of the class is taught in Korean and my boys get to learn many new words and even a little bit about the Korean culture.

4.  It's great exercise!  They start each class with a warm up and stretches and it's a pretty physically demanding class at times.

5.  They are making new friends.

Today was Ian and Evan's first day.

I wasn't sure Evan would really participate but he did and he loved it!  Both boys had an awesome time and did really well.

Evan jumped right into class, not at all intimated! 
Practicing kicks
They memorized the one student creed they needed to each earn their white belts.

Ian practicing his punches

Alec managed to earn his second patch-- the second patch in two weeks!

They all can count to five in Korean already!  They recognize the Korean flag and know that the red color goes on top.  I can't believe how passionate they are about karate and how much they have learned in such a short amount of time.


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