A Bit of History and Whole Lot of Science

We had a wonderful day of homeschooling filled with a great little history lesson and lots of fun science finds on our homeschooling hike.

I pulled out the book Knit Your Bit for us to read together.  We learned a bit about World War 1 and the knitting crusade.  We learned that boys, girls, men and women all learned to knit hats, scarves, socks and sweater for men in uniforms overseas.  There were actual photos in the front and back of the book of children knitting for the cause.  There were actual photos of posters used during the time and we even learned of a song re-make about getting out your needles.  The boys learned what words like cast on, purl and stitch meant.  It was a great, yet super short, lesson in American History.

Alec read his books in the car while the other two boys and I listened to the Mystery of the Cupboard on our way to meet up with our homeschool group at Purgatory Chasm.

We had a great turn out for this get together and the kids all had a ball playing on the playground and hiking through the Chasm.

We saw lots of "nature" things-- birch trees, leaves, spiders, chipmunks, etc.  At one point Evan asked me how many bottles of apple juice I brought and rather than tell him an exact number I told him I packed 2 for himself and 2 for his brother... he thought for just a moment and said "so you packed 4!"  I love that he added that up so fast and accurately in his head.

The boys reminded me of our last trip to the Chasm and all the cool wildlife we found in the pond.  We talked about the changes in the Chasm from season to season.  We even talked about different safety factors-- like the addition of leaves and pine needles on the rocks. 

It was a wonderful day of homeschooling and it's great to see my boys so happy and playing with others. 


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