Tuesday is for Math: Continuing with Mini Lessons

Continuing in my quest for mini lessons, I was a bit thrown as to what to do for a quick math lesson today.

Math is the one area where they all three have vastly different abilities.  I feel like I either present something so advanced they get overwhelmed or else we're reviewing something they've already learned or picked up on in their own way.

I started the morning by taking pattern blocks and Cuisenaire rods out of the cabinet.

I knew that by just having these object out in plain sight that the boys would play with them.

  • They built buildings
  • They told me the tiny white ones were marshmallows, the yellow ones were fire and the orange ones were bulldozer blades.  
  • They worked together to make a garage and a house. 
  • They were comparing sizes and colors.  
  • They tried to put shapes together to make up the same length as the larger blocks.  
  • They put them together in order from smallest to biggest and then from biggest to smallest.  
There was all sorts of math discoveries taking place!

working together! 

They spent most of the morning working outside, working on Lego's and playing with all of Evan's new toys.  They, once again, were all getting along just great!

We cleaned up to head out and run some errands I had all the boys pull out something to work on/with while I was busy with the seamstress.  They brought extreme dot- to- dot and color by number books with them.  Alec and Ian also brought their multiply and color paper that I assigned them for today.
We went to the library and picked out more books and movies.  On the way home Alec worked a bit on his multiplication sheet while we all listened to some more of The Key to the Indian.

Once home we had some lunch and then all the boys set to work on their one worksheet.  I noticed that Alec has a great grasp of  most of his multiplication tables. He still needs to work on all the 6 -8's but that's about it.  Yet he knows how to figure out the answers to them all; he just needs to work on speed.

 Ian really only has a handful of facts left.  He's really stumped on 6x6, 6x7, 6x8, 7x7, 7x8, and 8x8.  The rest he knows pretty well.

Evan worked on some basic addition today and writing his numbers. 

After we were done working all the boys headed outside and we played baseball for a bit.  We had a great time.  They ran, hit, pitched, laughed and had a ball.

Evan brought out his new scooter and even used it to "run" the bases at one point.  He was cracking us all up.  Not only was he trying to use his scooter to play ball, but at one point he declared that I couldn't get him out since he picked up the base and ran with it.  "I can't be tagged out if I'm touching the base," he squealed as he ran.  Another time, Evan crept up and stole home-- what was so funny was that Evan crawled between Ian's legs to do it! It's great getting to spend such a fun & silly afternoon together.
Evan and Ian both used their scooters for a bit.  They tried to race one another.  Evan practiced turning, popping wheelies and picking up speed.

 Ian dug in the sand and the younger two boys headed inside to play with toys.  I saw them putting on Evan's new turtle shells and masks and they pretended to battle, hide in their shells and fight the foot clan.  They pulled out ninja figures and cars and rode around all the balloon obstacles again.  In short they used their imagination and had a great time doing it.

Once I had to go inside to get dinner ready the younger boys decided to play Lego Indiana Jones while Ian watched a few Popular Mechanics for Kids videos.  These are the same videos we've already watched, but he really wanted to check them out again.  He just loves them to much and seems to learn (or remember) more facts after each viewing.

During dinner, the boys once again ate alone and watched TV.  They all agreed on an episode of Cyberchase and Paw Patrol (their new favorite show).  All in all it was another great day! 


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