Totally Turtle Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party

My son wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party for his birthday this year so we started scouting around on Pinterest and Google for some awesome party ideas.  We knew we'd be serving pizza since the TMNT are HUGE fans of pizza, but we needed more ideas.  And boy!  There are a ton of ideas out there!

We typically have two parties at our house; one for family members and one for friends.  His favorite colors are blue and green and that led itself nicely as accent colors to go with our balloons and printed party ware.  He really wanted dirt cake for his friend party and we found the idea for an easy Kit Kat cake on Pinterest.  With the cakes all set we turned our attention to games and party favors.

Evan wanted nunchucks for everyone and we found a good tutorial on My 4 Misters and Their Sister's website so we ended up making them ourselves.  We decided to play pin the mask on the ninja turtle, Master Splinter says (just like Simon Says), we battled food clan balloons, and had a throwing star contest for our games and activities.

We found great prizes at the dollar store-- glow swords, light up swords, kits, TMNT jump ropes, and even bubbles in a ninja bottle.  It helped that his birthday is somewhat close to Halloween and they had a bunch of ninja weapons, masks, and paraphernalia.  I love the over the top parties I see on Pinterest and other blogs, but I prefer to keep the parties nice and simple.

The party was a huge hit and all the boys (and the one girl) that attended just loved it!   

I baked a regular cake, frosted it and then pressed Kit Kat bars around the edges (it takes about 5 king size bars) we held the Kit Kats in place with ribbon, filled the middle with M & M's and topped it with a Ninja Turtle figure. 

We played pin the mask on the ninja turtle

We played a game where they all had to try and throw ninja starts into the bucket.  I found the green buckets at the dollar store and the ninja turtle (foam!) throwing stars at the party supply store. 

Goodie bags-- we bought ninja turtle bags, threw in some ninja turtle fruit snacks, slime that we made and packaged, dollar store Sais, and a set of nunchucks my husband made using some plumbing supplies we found at Lowe's 
nice and slimy! 

Making slime.. water, borax, clear glue and green food coloring

Oreos as Sewer Covers

Donatello's Bo's-- pretzel rods

TMNT fruit snacks

We made Foot Clan balloons- black balloons with
red crepe paper tied around them and taped
to the floor

Sewer Dirt Cake with action figures on top

Sewer water-- lemonade with a bit of green food
coloring added to it. 

No party is complete without balloons

Masks I made for all the kids cutting strips and eye holes from
adult t- shirts I found at the craft store.
Instructions found here. 

Completed favor bags

Basket of prizes

Pizza bites at the kids party (we had full size pizza's for the
family party)

The completed table scape-- easy! 

The ninja turtle punch card I made! 

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  1. Hi - my son is in love with the sewer dirt cake with ninja turtles on top and wanted it for his birthday on Saturday; Do you happen to have a recipe for the it? If you don't mind sharing it, my email is

    1. I'm SO sorry! I never saw this message from you. I would have gladly shared my dirt cake recipe. I searched for dirt cake recipes on Pinterest and used one that called for chocolate pudding. I hope you found something that worked for you.


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