Family Project: Installing a Sono Tube

We had a project Sunday that all the boys were able to help with.

They didn't really want to, but my husband and I decided it was going to be considered "school" and that they all needed to learn.  My oldest son enjoys construction projects and work so he was completely on board with helping out.

The younger two weren't all that interested, but I convinced them to at least listen and help out when they could.

We have lived in our home for over 10 years and have yet to put in a staircase that leads from our deck to our patio, despite the fact that we built the deck with a gate on it a very long time ago.

My husband has decided that it's time to fix it and has drawn up plans for making a spiral staircase.
Over the weekend, the boys helped with setting and pouring the sono-tube to support the center beam.

Using a plumb bob the boys helped determine the center of the sono-tube placement and using shovels helped lift up the patio blocks surrounding the area.

They all pitched in with digging the hole taking turns with the shovels, buckets and wheel barrow.  In no time we had the hole dug and the tube in place.

Using several bags of quick crete the boys helped fill in the tube.   By the end of the day the only one left helping was Ian.  He even got to screed off the tube and declare the job done. 

Before starting the project we discovered that Alec fit inside the 12" tube-- with room to spare! 

Ian pouring the bucket of dirt out.

two shovels and a post hole digger get the job done

filling the tube with some rocks as well as concrete helps use less concrete

Ian screeds the cement to make it nice and level. 


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