Spill and Spell and Other Fun Spelling Games

I got a new game in last night called Spill and Spell, the boys saw the box and Alec asked if we could play a round after dinner.  As if I'd say no to spelling!

So we took everything out of the box and played 1/2 a game (a full game is 10 rounds and since you play one at a time a full game could be quite long).  They did really well with this and enjoyed it so much that Alec decided to  play a bit this morning by himself.


It got me thinking about all the other fun spelling games we have that we rarely think to use!

Games like:

I am trying to get more intentional about using games in our every day schooling; it makes learning so much fun.

We read 4 books before bed last night and I went to bed feeling really great about all the school work we snuck in without anyone noticing!

They all wanted to read after I said good- night so they pulled out flashlights, book lights and turned on desk lamps and paged through or read from their own books.

There's nothing I love more than going in to check on them before bed and finding Alec passed out with his book open and his light still on.  It always makes me smile when my little bookworm wears himself right out, reading 'til the very end. 


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