Evan's plan: Letting My Boy Lead Our Homeschooling Day

Before Evan went to bed last night, he already had lots of plans for today, rather than fighting it I decided to go with it.   The boys woke up around 7 and wanted to finish watching Despicable Me.

We're hoping to get to the theater and see the new Despicable Me this week so I was OK with this.  Just listening to all the giggling makes this such a wonderful family movie.  Evan laughs so hard just thinking about parts of this movie that you can't even understand what part he's trying to tell you about.

Once the movie was over and they were all dressed and ready for the day we dug into our pile of activities.
Evan wanted to try playing our Disney Pictionary DVD game today.   It started out OK, but soon proved to be to hard for the boys.  They didn't know many of the characters and they all criticized each other's drawings so after the second round of tears and yelling I turned it off.

That, of course, led to more tears but they soon stopped when I offered to play the Disney Scene- It DVD game.  Evan, Alec and I played a game while Ian chose to go on the computer and play the Magic Tree House game/ website.  It was a fun morning and we finished off our round of games with a few turns playing Twister.

      Scene It? Disney Edition DVD Game
We read a few books-- Bats at the Library (the boys were so happy to see their friends from Bats at the Beach!)

Amelia and Eleanor Go For a Ride, which is a true story about Amelia Earheart and Eleanor Roosevelt.  They were friends and one night took a ride around Washington by plane.  The book had many other facts about these two women and an actual picture of them in the plane.  The boys were fascinated to learn that women didn't drive cars or airplanes back then and that these two strong willed women were real pioneers of their times.

While we were still snuggled on the couch reading I pulled out Bats on Parade and read this fun math story to them.  It's all based on multiplication facts and I was soon quizzing them with what would come next before I'd turn the page.

Alec and Ian followed up the book with a quick multiplication war game.  Taking the numeral cards out of the UNO deck, I had them flip over two cards at a time and multiply to find the product.  The highest product wins.  It was the fastest game of war!  Ian quickly conquered Alec, but since lunch was all ready to eat no one complained. 

During lunch they watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy movie about Momentum.  By the time they finished eating my mother in law had shown up and offered to take them all for a quick jet ski ride.  It was another unbelievably hot, muggy day and we thought that would be a good way to keep cool outside.

We had books and movies due at the library and quite a few new ones that had come in so I wanted to head there today.  On the way to the library we listened to some more of the Boxcar Children Mystery of the Spider's Clue that we started the other day.

We brought our UNO cards with us to the library and played a few rounds.  Alec had requested a regular game of UNO after playing war this morning and I thought it would be fun to play a game at the library.  We also filled out some more paws for the kids reading program.



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