Dirt Bikes and Farm Animals

We headed to a local farm yesterday for a fun family outing.  This particular farm was hosting a NETRA (New England Trail Riders Association) race and we thought the boys would enjoy watching some of the dirt bike races as well as getting to see the animals.

The boys were amazed to see some dirt bike riders participating that were the same age as my oldest son!

 We watched the racers line up and all take off at once, funneling into a small track that then wound through the woods.  We saw a few bikers wipe out, a few bikers pass one another, and a few who were having mechanical problems.

We saw women, men and kids ride.  The boys and I checked out all the riders gear and helmets.  We noticed that some dressed all in white and gray looked like storm troopers.  Some helmets had extra hair added to the outside (the boys thought the riders cut holes in them but we talked about how that would not be safe).  It was pretty neat, but Alec was not at all interested.

Alec found berries to dissect in the woods, salamanders hiding under leaves and rocks, rocks and logs to balance himself on.  He even made a new friend!  I love when nature studies just happen.

There wasn't much of the trail was that visible to spectators, but we did find a nice windy part of the track that was nice and shady and perfect for eating our lunch.  From that spot we could see them stop for pit stops, check in at a check point and jump rocks and tree stumps.

After watching the races for a bit we decided to go see the animals.  The farm wasn't open to everyone but my husband knew the family that owned this farm and the guy gladly took us on a short tour.

We got to see the chickens, roosters, goats, horses, cow and even a new baby calf that was born just a week or so ago.  We saw the automatic feeding system they used to use in the chicken coop and  got an explanation of how it worked.  We saw animal bones and skulls that prob. belonged to a squirrel or raccoon that had been found in the ceiling of the old barn.

We found birds nests in the garage too and Alec spotted a swallowtail with a newborn baby still in the nest.  On occasion we could see the little beak pop out of the nest.  It was a nice day but after just a few hours Evan was looking pretty worn out so we headed home.


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